13 December 2011

Outside Christmas Lights!

334/365 - The last of my outside Christmas lights are hung.  We didn't do a lot this year.  Robert didn't want to climb up on a ladder again to line the gutters, and I'm a bit klutzy so I know better than to push my luck.  I don't need a broken bone.  Maybe next year he'll be easier to convince.

I made those little trees on either side of the garage by using tomato cages (inverted) and covering with garland and a couple strings of lights.
344_365 12-11-11

At night.
12-11-11 013

The lights around the window (which you can't really see) - and Simba
12-11-11 004

I was boring him
12-11-11 005

My little Japanese maple all festive with lights and balls
12-11-11 007

Japanese maple at night
12-11-11 011


  1. I never knew Simba's mouth was so big.
    I am sorry you got the klutzy from me and you really do not need a broken bone. I kid you not, they seriously hurt. I need a smoke now. I think I might be having an attention deficit thingy going on cuz I been outta smokes since noon. OMG I am going to go nuts.

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