24 December 2011

Eve of Christmas Eve

Except now it's after midnight so it's Christmas Eve.

Let's just pretend that I have a few more minutes or hours before I have to go to bed and it's not Christmas Eve.  I have quite a lot to do tomorrow today tomorrow and need to go to bed soon.

356/365 - 7 Days, day 3
Leia chasing her tail.

I was trying to get the reflection of her jumping, but it didn't work so well.  I put on my shoes to go grocery shopping and she thought it meant I was taking her for a walk or to the dog park and got excited and started jumping.  She was getting as high as my shoulder.  She stopped jumping when I pulled the camera out - but gladly chased her tail for a few minutes.
356_365 12-23-11 Becca 7days3

Carus 7 Days, day 3 - "Before and after I took a bite."
12-23-11 Carus 7days3

On another note - I remembered another pet peeve!

Grocery shopping with Robert.  It's like he is in this competition to see how fast he can get out of there with the least amount of groceries we need.

Ooh oh oh - and the fact that he likes to play "let's stuff all the groceries in one bag" and smushes my bananas and bread!!

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  1. Never ever shop with a man. It is not a GOOD idea.


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