21 December 2011

Getting ready for Christmas and 7 days winter run!

353/365 - Making bookmarks.  This one was for a coworker for part of a secret Santa gift exchange (I got a coworker who is a reader - SCORE!) But I plan on making a couple more for the kids.
353_365 12-20-11

I'm done Christmas shopping and have everything wrapped. I just have a giant bow to make. And Carus's birthday gift to buy before Saturday.  Carus is more excited for her birthday than for Christmas, which makes me happy.  I have worried that with it being the day after Christmas it would get lost in the shuffle and bustle, but it looks like we've been successful in keeping it significant and separate.

I've been ho-hum a bit this year about Christmas.  I'm not sure if it has just been stress or missing my family or maybe a little of both.  Because of the ho-hum-ness I didn't get Christmas cards made up or sent, which I feel a little guilty about, but hopefully next year is better.

In more exiting news, the first day of the winter run of 7 days starts today (exciting to me at least, I enjoy participating in 7days).  WOO!!

354/365 - 7 days, day 1 - Kissing under the mistletoe.  Special thanks to Robert for cooperating with me on getting this photo, it only took three attempts. *wink*
354_365 12-20-11 (7 days, day 1)

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