31 January 2011

How about NO

So like you know how sometimes a bad day at work is refer to as a Monday.  It isn't much of a coincidence that it usually falls on a Monday either.  Like today!

It's Monday.  And it's Monday!

This morning there was a lovely moment in my computer not wanting to load properly.  Oh and that 2nd monitor - yeah, took 10 minutes and a reboot to get that sucker to turn on.  And then. AND THEN, everything, as in our processes and programs that we used to do our work everything, decided to start moving like molasses and oh you want in that report? yeah, well wait 5 minutes.  Well worth the 6 second count, wasn't it.  Now you want in that report - well wait 10 minutes and then we'll see that it has already been done and moved on! Bwahahaha!

But it wasn't just me, and from the sounds of it I had one of the better connections in the fact that I was still actually connected in some way.

Just not in a super productive (or even kinda sorta productive) non frustrating way.

Deep breaths.

Oh and then things started working more smoothly and quickly.

BUT OOPS - you mean you wanted to actually send and email?! That's time sensitive and important to patient care... yeah, how about NO!

I know after going 2 hours without getting an email I should have been suspicious, but I was happy in my oblivious tapping at the keyboard manner.

See, told ya - MONDAY!


It's 5 pm and it is still light outside!!  Well sorta.


Well I was going to upload my pic of the day but...nah, not gonna do it.  See ya later this week!

30 January 2011

Sunday mash-up

29_365 01-29-11

We have quite a To-Do list for the yard and house for this year and Saturday we welcomed some mostly sunny, warm (mid to high 50s) weather so Robert jumped at the chance to get started with project 1.  Redoing the retaining wall leaning up (and knocking over) the fence between our yard and the neighbors yard.

01-29-11 002 copy

Since I was busy cleaning out our fish tank (all our fish have died) he recruited the kids to help. 

Things went pretty smoothly and they did most of their work yesterday and only spent about an hour more today finishing up.  Now to get the cinder blocks and concrete to build the wall. 
01-29-11 003

01-29-11 028

Got a glimpse of the doves that we're always hearing. There were two of them, but they were sitting on different wires.

01-29-11 007 copy


Trying to teach Yoda how to hold a bone on his head. Normally dogs hold them on their nose, but that's a problem for Yoda.

Can you hold it?
01-30-11 (4)

01-30-11 (5)

Trying again.
01-30-11 (6)

01-30-11 (7)

01-30-11 (8)

30/365 - GOT IT!
30_365 01-30-11

Yeah I edited that one...

Weekly menu

Weekly menu

Is it cheating to take a photo? That's our dry erase menu board that sits on our fridge door. It is nice to not have to answer the "What's for dinner?" question 5 million bazillion times per person.

28 January 2011

. . .

I am having a lot of trouble coming up with titles...


Carus's second night of soccer camp was fun. The fog rolled in, literally rolled in, minutes after we arrived at the field and a few minutes after I took this picture I couldn't see her or her group anymore. It didn't last long though and the fog lifted and settled a few more times throughout the evening.

This whole week has been foggy with most of the fog burning off mid day, but still not all of it in a few pockets and it doesn't take long for it to move back in.

Carus is in the front of the group just to the right of the guy with the black and white shorts under the field light. She is wearing a light sweater and black shorts and socks. And it was taken with my phone, so could be better.

27_365 01-27-11

And now for an original Yoda pug photo!

28_365 01-28-11

26 January 2011

title title title

Sometimes it's hard to come up with a title for a post.  So I got all original up there and stuff.

Now I'm tired.  Thinking takes a lot out of ya.

Robert and I.

26_365 01-26-11

25 January 2011

Almost here...

Spring is almost here. 

We've been able to play outside a little in the afternoon, it's been dry and the sun is setting later and later. 

We were outside playing around with some neighbor kids and Adam started talking the mom's ear off.  It's common for him - lots to say about random stuff. It's a bit amusing.

24_365 01-24-11

Today was the first day of spring soccer camp, which is the beginning of the spring soccer season.  It's still a bit cold out there. Okay, a lot cold, especially in the evenings, but Carus didn't seem to feel it. 

Here she is with the new ball she got for Christmas from her Uncle Peter and Uncle Chuck.

25_365 01-25-11

23 January 2011

Sunday evening post

Saturday the kids went to stay the night at gramma's and Robert and I wasted some time doing nothing special and then had dinner with some friends.

After we got home, we decided to invite the neighbors over for some cards, but that quickly turned into some monopoly.

It was lots of fun.  No one wanted to pose for my camera though, definitely not the person covering her face...So just a quick shot.

22_365 01-22-11

Today I pulled out my wide angle fish eye lens and was playing around with that when I found that a portion detached.  It's a macro lens so I got a close up of Carus's eye.

23_365 01-23-11


Sunday - Beef enchiladas (they were on the menu for yesterday/but were moved after the kids left)

Monday - French bread pizza

Tuesdays - Southwest Chicken and Rice casserole (adapted from this recipe)

Wednesday - Pork ribs, mashed potatoes, broccoli

Thursday - Talapia, risotto, salad

Friday - Chicken enchiladas

Saturday - Scalloped potatoes and oven fried pork chops

21 January 2011


21_365 01-21-11


Adam playing the Michael Meyers (I believe Halloween) theme song.

He can play that and happy birthday.

20 January 2011

The rain returns...


Today, we still had sun. 

This is the beginning of the sunset tonight. 

20_365 01-20-11

19 January 2011


The sun came out today. 

It dropped about 10 degrees, but the sun came out so I'm okay with that.  Completely.Okay.

I'm ready for some spring-y weather.

I opened the blinds in the living room today and the cats and I soaked up some sun.  If I didn't just have a 15 minute break before I had to go back to work, I would have curled up in the sun with them.  It was heavenly!

See - sun, view, kitty yawn.


Timmy begging for some loves while soaking up some sun.

19_365 01-19-11 (11)

18 January 2011

Quick bedtime note

I MISSED A DAY! Oh no, what am I gonna do?!

Start back up today, that's what. 

Didja miss me?

Yes you did, don't lie.

17_365 01-17-11

I need new models. Even my normally always ready for a photo shoot model Carus is getting a little tired of posing for me.  And forget about me getting Adam to stay still, face me, and stop making funny faces for me to get a nice portrait of him.

18_365 01-18-11

But my most unwilling model is probably Robert.  It took me 15 minutes to get him to let me take his picture and give me his look.  Its the look he gives me when he is pretending that my jokes aren't funny.  They are, he just likes to pretend they aren't.

This last picture isn't a 365.  It is a shot of the book I'm reading on my Kindle right now.  The Year She Fell by Alicia Rasley.  It was a free download and I like it, but the typos and errors are driving me nuts. Who "edited" this thing? They should seriously be fired. Within the first chapter there was a date change and I nearly stopped reading it.  The date change was - character A was born in April 1986 and then 5 pages later he was born April 1991.  See, big change. 

The book is full of 'up' in place of 'us', 'it' in place of 'in', 'this' in place of 'that' and many many more! But then there was this sentence: "Well, she cottoned on pretty quick." It is supposed to be "caught on".  Really?! REALLY!?! How did they not catch that?
Ugh typos!

I'm almost done with the book, and I'm enjoying it very much and do recommend it if you like mystery mixed with crazy family drama.  My eye just twitches every other page or so...

16 January 2011

Early morning wake up

Early this morning I got a rather stressful wake up and had to call an ambulance for Robert.

Starting this out - Robert is 100% okay. 

He woke me up scratching his head about 3 am. Not waking me up by saying "hey Becca, my head itches." No, he was scratching in his sleep, scratching and scratching and scratching.  I asked him if he was okay, but wasn't immediately concerned that he didn't respond. He is a deep sleeper and it is hard to get him to wake up enough to communicate with me.  And then he stopped scratching.

So I put my head back down and closed my eyes and he started again. I made more of an effort to wake him, but still he wouldn't wake and wouldn't stop scratching.  After 10 minutes, turning on the lamp and shaking him - his eyes opened. But he wouldn't stop scratching. And he wasn't talking to me. I was asking him if he was okay over and over and telling him I needed him to answer me, but nothing.

I went and got some water and made him sit up. (You know, in case his mouth was really dry and that's why he couldn't talk. That makes sense right? Don't judge me, it was 3 am.)  I was still asking him if he was okay and he looked sorta blank. He didn't answer me. And was still scratching.  Then he started pulling at his lip and opening and closing his hand while looking at it funny.

My first thought was that he was having a stroke and his face and hand was numb.  He did nod when I asked him if his lip was numb (yay, response...kinda) and he said "mmhuh" when I asked if he knew his name and my name. Then I asked him to say my name. Nothing.  No response.

I grabbed his socks and was going to put his socks and shoes on, load him and the kids up and drive him to the hospital.  Then I thought, what if it is a stroke and he gets worse.  It's an hour drive.  Not to mention that I will definitely freak the kids out. 

New plan: phone - 911.

It seemed like it took fffffffooooooooorrrrrrrreeeeeeeevvvvveeeeeeerrrrr for the ambulance to get here, but from the moment I finally got him awake at 3:10 to the time they were throwing questions at me it was 17 minutes, and at least half of that was the time spent before I called.  While waiting and still on the phone with the 911 operator, I walked to the front door to the bedroom like 20 times to unlock the door, turn on lights, and see if they were here yet.  I did think to lock the dog in the bathroom so he wouldn't go nuts barking at the strangers in the house, and he did go nuts.  Yay for brain cells that work.

And he woke up for them - like fully woke up.  He spoke, answered questions, and understood (sorta) what was going on - mainly that he woke up to a bunch of strangers in his bedroom poking at him and asking him questions, but he didn't know why.   I told them which hospital to go to and followed them out.  He was having trouble walking, but did walk, and there were two very large EMT/firefighter guys on either side helping him walk.  It was very reassuring when the EMT guy turned to me and said they weren't going full siren to the hospital so I shouldn't drive that way either.  I said okay and closed the door.

I let Yoda out of the bathroom so he could huff around the house and make sure the bad guys were going to eat us or something, then got me dressed, the kids up and dressed (well, they dressed themselves).  I had them pack some books and their DS so they would have something to do and called Robert's mom.  Then grabbed my Kindle (for my something to do), made sure I had my wallet, grabbed Robert's phone and wallet in case he wanted them and socks for his feet because he left barefoot.  I should have grabbed shoes too, but it was 3:30 in the morning, I was freaking out but trying not to show it so the kids would stay calm, so I didn't think of it.  For the most part I was able to keep me, Barbara, and the kids calm all morning.  Robert's mom tends to freak out a little easily.  Especially when it comes to Robert or the kids.  It's not a bad thing Barb, love you! And Carus was/is rather concerned, but we reassured her all was okay I just wanted a doctor to help daddy because I couldn't and now we are reassuring her that he is definitely completely okay. Adam has handled it all very maturely. Man, he is growing up so flipping fast.

The kids and I drove to the hospital in the pouring rain and I stayed under the speed limit the whole time. Be proud of me. I wanted to speed, so badly. So really be proud of me.  I wanted to be there now, not so many minutes from now. But it was too wet (stupid rain, stupid Oregon) and I was hydroplaning a smidge as it was, so cruise control and restraint were my friends. Barbara was just a few minutes behind me and we showed up at the hospital just a few minutes after Robert had arrived.  And he talked to me (yay).

They had given him some Benedryl and he immediately improved - looks like it was an allergic reaction.

After several hours of waiting around, and sending gramma and kids off after food and coffee (thank you Barbara! both for watching the kids and the coffee, mostly for watching the kids) the doctor came in and was like Yeah, sometimes we have an allergic reaction to something.  Could have been something you came in contact with, or ate, or a spider bite, or just random.  Next time, take Benedryl and then come in if it gets worse.  Oh, and we'll prescribe you an EpiPen to have on hand just in case. 

I felt silly calling an ambulance for an allergic reaction where he wasn't having trouble breathing; and if I had thought of allergic reaction maybe I could have dosed him with some Benedryl and all would have been fine(maybe, not sure if we have some, will be checking after I finish writing).

But then again, maybe I did make the right decision.

Thank God for my job and the awesome health insurance we have because of it! It is really nice to not have to worry about how much an emergency room is going to cost - yeah, it will be expensive, but at least some of it will be covered. And some is better than none. Every time I use it I am thankful that we have health insurance and aren't like the many that don't or can't have it. It is a nice convenience.

I was able to drive us home okay, which is a feat in itself because Robert is not comfortable being in the passenger seat and I get so nervous when driving with him.  He was the one that taught me to drive - at first, until he freaked out on me for no reason and I put an end to his lessons. Now I revert to the just learning to drive person every time I get in the car to drive with him.  I guess it's lucky I did forget his shoes, if I had remembered he would have insisted on driving. 

We got home about 8:30 and came in and went to bed where we all slept off our early morning adventure (except Adam, cause he has trouble sleeping during the day). 

And that is how my Sunday turned into a completely unproductive day.

Well, I did write this post.

* * * * *
I did check.  We do have some Benedryl in the medicine cabinet. And now I know how Robert's allergic reactions look...

As to what he is allergic to. We have no idea for sure.  We are thinking that perhaps it was the scratches he got from the rose bushes he ripped out yesterday.  I'm not sure if his doctor will want to test to see what it was - or if Robert wants to be tested.

* * * * *
On weekends, at least one morning a weekend, I try to make breakfast. Something more than cereal, like bacon and eggs or biscuits and gravy or waffles or ...  This morning we had planned on having waffles with strawberries and whip cream.  That didn't work out well when we were just arriving back home about the time we would be making breakfast so it got ditched.

Then, later, I decided to ditch dinner plans instead and have breakfast for dinner.

16_365 01-16-11

* * * *
I think I'm going to start posting the weekly menu on Sunday or Saturday... or something.  I never get around to updating the menu page.

Weekly menu 1-16 to1-22

My menu originally had a FFY (fend for yourself night), but with the waffle dinner it has been removed and all dinners were moved down a day.

Sunday - Waffles
Monday - Roast chicken, red potatoes, green beans
Tuesday - Beef and broccoli
Wednesday - Chef salad
Thursday - Baked potato soup
Friday - Chicken noodle soup and grilled cheese sandwiches
Saturday - Beef enchiladas

15 January 2011

I think...

I think I'm getting sick of winter.  Sooo much rain.

Sooo cloudy and dreary...

Le sigh.

Good thing our fake-out spring is just around the corner.

In mid to late February we will have an increase in temps and the sun will come out and it will stay that way for a month or so and then April comes and the rain returns for another three months.

I can't wait for the fake-out spring. I could use some sun.


15_365 01-15-11

14 January 2011

Catching up on my 365s

Wilbur doesn't like Robert messing with his jacket.  (12/365)
12_365 01-12-11

Look at those blue eyes!  (13/365)
13_365 01-13-11

Ice crystals on the jalepeno poppers I froze leftover from Thanksgiving dinner.  Every now and then I pull a couple out and warm them up.  YUM! (14/365)
14_365 01-14-11

13 January 2011

Been meaning to show ya...

Simba has taken to 'knocking' on the window when he wants in.  A few weeks ago I kicked him out after he poo'd in the house 3 feet from the cat box. 

He had only been outside for maybe 20 minutes when he starting knocking...

Sorry its sideways... I never remember not to record sideways.

12 January 2011

Chicken Broccoli Alfredo

We finally (4 days late, thank you UPS) got our replacement part for the furnace.  Robert installed it and we had heat, actual heat, not the wimpy heat pump heat, by 4:30 this afternoon and we were roasting (at 62 degrees) by 5pm.

It is awesome.

However, the thought of how much our electric bill is now going to go up is not.  Eh, whatcha gonna do?

No picture today because I don't wanna upload it before I leave for camera club and won't have the time when I get back before it is bedtime. 

On to the food!
All my recipes usually make amounts to feed the 4 of us, the kids seconds (almost every meal, the turds can put away the food), and usually a serving of leftovers (my lunch the next day) (maybe more than one serving of leftovers).  Sometimes I get the 4 of us and the kids seconds. THIS recipe makes quite a bit so be warned.

Chicken Broccoli Alfredo

4 medium chicken breasts, cooked and diced
1 pound curly egg noodles (or other pasta of your choice)
2 cups frozen broccoli or 2 cups fresh steamed broccoli
1 can cream of chicken soup
2 cans milk (use the cream of chicken soup can)
2 cups of freshly grated cheese, your choice; parmesan, asiago, and mozerella*
Seasonings to taste:
garlic salt
season salt
red pepper flakes

Cook chicken breasts with seasonings until done (skillet on the stove, turning when cooked halfway; or baked in oven until done).  Dice up chicken.

Boil water in large pot.  Add pasta and cook until almost done. If using frozen broccoli, toss in and bring back to a boil, then drain.  If using fresh broccoli already steamed, just finish the pasta and then drain.  Rinse with HOT water.

In the same large pot (after dumping pasta-pasta/broccoli) add the soup and milk and heat up.  Add cheeses and continue to stir until melted.  Don't let it get too hot or it will scald the milk.  If using a hard cheese (parmesan or asiago) add them first because they take moer to melt. Continue stiring until it thickens up a little.  Then add the pasta, broccoli, and chicken to the sauce.  Stir and serve.  Goes great with garlic bread.

*We used about 1 cup of mozerella and 1/2 cup each of freshly grated parmesan (not the sprinkle from the can stuff) and asiago.  Other cheeses might be good too.  All mozerella would be good.  Just mozerella and parmesan... the choices are endless.

11 January 2011

Baby, It's Cold Outside!

11_365 01-11-10

We got had snow! There was promise, there still is promise, but right now it is just rain and melted the dusting we got from those flakes you see there in that photo... or might see. It kinda just showed up as swishes/blurs.  It might start snowing again later tonight, or it might just freeze over.  Either way, I'm expecting a snow day tomorrow... YAY - kids will be home. HA!

Dinner tonight was chicken and broccoli alfredo which turned out so good that Robert requested we write it down so we can replicate the results again.  But first the BBQ pork fried rice recipe that my awesome Aunt Pam has requested.

It works with chicken, pork, BBQ, and shrimp (although I haven't done shrimp). I've found the BBQ pork in the deli meat section and in the sausage section.

Fried Rice

1 cups cooked meat, chopped
1/2 cup frozen peas and carrots, steamed and drained
4 cups cooked rice, cold
2 eggs, scrambled
2-3 cloves garlic, minced
4 green onions, sliced
3 tbsp veggie oil
1/8 to 1/4 cup soy sauce
pinch of curry, pepper (to taste)

Heat oil in wok (or large pot) until hot.  Saute the green onions and garlic for 30 seconds then add the rice.  Break up any clumps of rice and stir to coat with oil.  Add the seasonings and soy sauce. Add the vegetables, meat, and scrambled eggs.

There ya go.

10 January 2011

Sick day

I was up at 2:30 am with Carus sick this morning and then every 30 minutes to an hour after that listening.  She didn't call for me so I thought she was okay, but the poor thing wanted me but didn't want to call for me :(

She stayed home of course and I was off work trying to comfort her, cleaning up messes, washing clothes and bedding, and washing and disinfecting all I could.  Especially my hands, which are now a bit raw...

There was a point where I was concerned about appendicitis because her lower right abdomen started hurting, but it went away after another round of sick and hasn't returned. I was poking her a lot just to make sure.

Now dinner is done, Carus was able to keep some food and liquid down too (and some meds for a fever YAY) and I'm beat and wanting bed.  I really hope the bug stops with her, but that is usually not the case...

Uh oh, Robert says I'm looking a little pale. Other than being tired I'm feeling okay. 

Now to the 365s.

Saturday's 365 was me trying to get pictures of the cats. Timmy likes to pose for me, but usually right next to the lens so its not much of a picture. But when I'm fast enough....

8_365 01-08-11

Like I was saying yesterday, I made some spaghetti sauce and canned it. 18 jars, good for spaghetti, lasagna, pizza, breadstick dipping sauce, chicken parmesan, etc.

9_365 01-09-11

When Carus is sick, she gets clingy. I tried to get her to stay in bed but she didn't want to so I made a bed for her on the couch...which got dumped for a pile of blankets on the floor. Eh, she finally took a nap longer than 5 minutes there. Whatever works.

10_365 01-10-11 Sick day

Funny thing, when she saw me pull out the camera she popped up and put a cheesy grin on her face. Always posing for the camera. It didn't take much to convince her it was okay to just lay there - but she wouldn't stop smiling a little.

09 January 2011


I made lots and lots of spaghetti sauce today and canned it.  18 jars of my yummy spaghetti sauce. I may have enough for 3 months (just kidding, maybe 5 or 6 if I don't give any jars away).  It's so good I've converted 2 non-spaghetti liking people into liking spaghetti.  Well, at least my spaghetti.

I have a picture too - and I as going to upload pictures, but Robert said Trek Nemesis is about to start and (Patrick Stewart, mmmmm) I  haven't seen that one so Toodles :)

I owe you 2 pictures now...

08 January 2011

Movie Time

Not much of a post today - watching movies.

Watched The Princess Bride with Carus, now off to watch sumpin with Robert... I'm thinking Knight and Day.

I'll post my 365 pic tomorrow.

07 January 2011

Have you seen my new haircut?

7_365 01-07-11

I cut off about 4 inches a little over a week ago and I'm loving it.

06 January 2011

Mmmm yummy

6_365 01-06-11

Dinner tonight - Homemade BBQ pork fried rice

Also, I just made two batches of granola bars - chocolate chip and coconut chocolate chip (last batch I made 4 days ago was raisin).


Granola bars

2 cups oats
1 cup whole-wheat flour
1/2 wheat germ or ground flax seed (or additional 1/2 cup flour)
1/2 cup brown sugar
1 tsp cinnamon
1/2 tsp salt
1/2 cup canola oil
1/2 cup honey
1 egg
2 tsp vanilla
1/2 cup (or maybe a bit more) your choice of one or more 'flavors' (raisins, chocolate chips, peanut butter chips, almonds, pecans, dried cherries, coconut)

In bowl put all dry ingrediants. Add wet ingrediants.  Mix together.  Add flavor (a little goes a long way).  Mix again.  Spray 9x13 glass baking dish with cooking spray and then spread granola bar mix into pan evenly.  Bake in 350 degree oven for 15-20 minutes for chewy and 20-25 minutes for chrunchy.  Sides will start to brown when it is done.  Let cool completely then cut into bars.  Wrap in wax paper.

I have a couple alterations I do - I don't use whole-wheat flour cause I don't have any, but I'm gonna pick me up some.  And I use just ground flax seed.  Also, I never remember the salt and I don't miss it.  For flavors, I don't measure it but I don't think I use 1/2 cup worth, especially when using more than one.  Robert's favorite is rasins by themselves, the kids love chocolate chip, I loved dried cherry/chocolate chip/almonds.  I made coconut-chocolate chip for the first time tonight; verdict - mmmm

Let me know if you try it and like it.

05 January 2011

Wordless Wednesday - Breakfast

5_365 Breakfast

This is also my 365 today (5_365).

Yeah, I know we spoil that cat.

Usually we save him some cereal milk, but the kids were eating a chocolate-y cereal (yea yea, bad mom) and chocolate is bad for kitties.

Participating in Wordless Wednesday.  Be sure to check out the other participants.

04 January 2011

Post holiday syndrome

4_365 01-04-11 010 ED

My 365 for today. Frosty grass and leaf from our backyard.

Have you noticed that post holidays everyone seems to be in a funk of sorts?  Where you don't have motivation to do much.  Everyone seems to be moving in slow-mo or half-hearted.  It's got to be a way for our minds to slow down after the stress we put it under trying to get everything we need to get done done for the holidays.

And then one day it breaks and EVERYTHING MUST GET DONE NOW!  It seems to be breaking all over, I think it broke for me tonight when I started taking down the Christmas decorations.  This is the longest I've had decorations up before, another benefit for the fake tree.  Although I am feeling a little Christmas'd out.

Has your post holiday syndrome broke yet?

03 January 2011

We are NOT freezing, I promise

365 - Simba in fish eye.

3_365 1-3-11

Kitties are difficult to get pictures of, I got several pictures of him looking away, and a few that were just blurry.  It was satisfying though when Robert took the camera for a couple shots acting like he'd be able to get it in one click and HAHA! not so easy is it?!

In regards to the title. 

Our furnace hasn't been working and the heat pump does not work well when outside temps are below 40 ('cause they're not supposed to) and, well, temps have been in the 20s at night.  We noticed that the furnace was blowing cold air on Friday and after Robert wasn't able to fix it, we decided to have it fixed or, if unable to fix, and the more expensive option, have it replaced.  SINCE we were in a holiday weekend we decided to put off calling the repairman until today so we wouldn't have to pay an emergency fee and weekend fee. Now, it's been cold, but don't worry.  It's not that cold. We won't freeze and we definitely aren't letting the kids freeze. We have warm socks, blankets, and sweaters - AND the heat pump does work, just not that well.  When we run the dryer, since it vents onto the heat pump, it helps keep the heat pump not frozen and working.  Bonus there - I don't have any dirty laundry right now.
The repairman came by today and tested everything and we just need to replace a board.  Pretty simple fix.  Robert found it cheaper online than the repair guy could've gotten it and then he went over which wires go where to make sure it gets put in correctly.  We should have it in 2 days...maybe 3.

The joys of home ownership, eh?

02 January 2011

I'm trying again

I was frustrated last year when I got behind in my 365 pictures and ended up just giving up, which frustrated me more.  I could've started over in the middle of the year, but I'm weird about dates and the 365 day and such...

Anyhoo (hi Aunt Pam) I'm trying again in 2011.  At least I'm persistent, right.

AND as added incentive (incentive is probably not the word I want, but my brain is not cooperating and giving me the one I do want) I will be posting the pictures here too! (I'm trying to anyways.)

1 of 365

Pretty sky yesterday afternoon from the gun range.  The sun was just starting to set and the light clouds were catching a lot of the pretty colors.
01-01-11 (1_365)

2 of 365

Yoda allowing me to put a bow on him and taking his picture.  It is a little blurry, but I still like it.  Don't worry, the bow wasn't tight, and he got a treat for playing along with me.
01-02-11 (2_365)

01 January 2011

Hello 2011!

A new year, new possibilities. But before we get enjoying and experiencing all this year offers, I want to look back on last year.  (Inspired by a blogger that I love - Quiet Life)

January brought some lovely weather to enjoy.

01-20-10 (8)

01-20-10 (24) ED

01-30-10 (30_365)

February brought teaching moments.

02-14-10 (45_365)

March and he's already changed so much.

03-21-10 (80_365) copy03-02-10 (61_365) 


04-13-10 flare
04-06-10 (96_365) ED04-01-10 (91_365)
04-15-10 (105_365) copy04-06-10 008 copy  

May brought packing...
05-01-10 (121_365)

and unpacking.


But we still had time to keep our cool.

05-15-10 School carnival (30)

June left us tired and worn out from the move.

and I kept messing with my camera while Carus humored me and posed away.
06-28-10 (2) Caf

July we played and celebrated the 4th of July,
07-04-10 (10) 07-04-10 (79)

got in some beach time,

07-10-10 (1) 07-10-10 (29)

had a lemonade stand

Carus and I went to a concert and met Justin Bieber (in cardboard cutout).

07-14-10 (2)   Justin Bieber concert 012

Adam got an award signed by President Obama (for Outstanding Educational Achievement).

07-23-10 (6)

Some more beach time...
Beach 07-25-10 072 ED Beach 07-25-10 075 ED Beach 07-25-10 086 ED

In August we went camping.
8-6-10 to 8-8-10 8-6-10 to 8-8-10 (8)
And started fall soccer season
08-06-10 to 08-10-10 078
And football season.
football 100

September and it was starting new schools
  First day of school 2010 copyFirst day of school 2010 (7) copy 
More football,
09-11-10 010

More soccer,
09-11-10 028

and another 5K walk for Race for the Cure.
09-19-10 (4) copy

October was more football and soccer...

10-02-10 (85) 10-02-10 (1)

And some halloween, haunted house, and trick-or-treating fun.
Halloween 2010 (6)

November brought some snow to play in.
November 2010 017 copy November 2010 037 copy

And traditional Thanksgiving family time
November 2010 091

December brought photo shoots for Christmas cards complete with outtakes
12-04-10 (10) 12-05-10 (17) copy

And goofing off on Christmas day
Christmas day 086 Christmas day 206

But we didn't forget to play with our goodies
Christmas day 207

Then Carus turned 9!

Carus's 9th bday (8)

Its been a great year.  Here's hoping 2011 is just as good, and maybe even better!

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