28 January 2011

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I am having a lot of trouble coming up with titles...


Carus's second night of soccer camp was fun. The fog rolled in, literally rolled in, minutes after we arrived at the field and a few minutes after I took this picture I couldn't see her or her group anymore. It didn't last long though and the fog lifted and settled a few more times throughout the evening.

This whole week has been foggy with most of the fog burning off mid day, but still not all of it in a few pockets and it doesn't take long for it to move back in.

Carus is in the front of the group just to the right of the guy with the black and white shorts under the field light. She is wearing a light sweater and black shorts and socks. And it was taken with my phone, so could be better.

27_365 01-27-11

And now for an original Yoda pug photo!

28_365 01-28-11

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