23 January 2011

Sunday evening post

Saturday the kids went to stay the night at gramma's and Robert and I wasted some time doing nothing special and then had dinner with some friends.

After we got home, we decided to invite the neighbors over for some cards, but that quickly turned into some monopoly.

It was lots of fun.  No one wanted to pose for my camera though, definitely not the person covering her face...So just a quick shot.

22_365 01-22-11

Today I pulled out my wide angle fish eye lens and was playing around with that when I found that a portion detached.  It's a macro lens so I got a close up of Carus's eye.

23_365 01-23-11


Sunday - Beef enchiladas (they were on the menu for yesterday/but were moved after the kids left)

Monday - French bread pizza

Tuesdays - Southwest Chicken and Rice casserole (adapted from this recipe)

Wednesday - Pork ribs, mashed potatoes, broccoli

Thursday - Talapia, risotto, salad

Friday - Chicken enchiladas

Saturday - Scalloped potatoes and oven fried pork chops

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