18 January 2011

Quick bedtime note

I MISSED A DAY! Oh no, what am I gonna do?!

Start back up today, that's what. 

Didja miss me?

Yes you did, don't lie.

17_365 01-17-11

I need new models. Even my normally always ready for a photo shoot model Carus is getting a little tired of posing for me.  And forget about me getting Adam to stay still, face me, and stop making funny faces for me to get a nice portrait of him.

18_365 01-18-11

But my most unwilling model is probably Robert.  It took me 15 minutes to get him to let me take his picture and give me his look.  Its the look he gives me when he is pretending that my jokes aren't funny.  They are, he just likes to pretend they aren't.

This last picture isn't a 365.  It is a shot of the book I'm reading on my Kindle right now.  The Year She Fell by Alicia Rasley.  It was a free download and I like it, but the typos and errors are driving me nuts. Who "edited" this thing? They should seriously be fired. Within the first chapter there was a date change and I nearly stopped reading it.  The date change was - character A was born in April 1986 and then 5 pages later he was born April 1991.  See, big change. 

The book is full of 'up' in place of 'us', 'it' in place of 'in', 'this' in place of 'that' and many many more! But then there was this sentence: "Well, she cottoned on pretty quick." It is supposed to be "caught on".  Really?! REALLY!?! How did they not catch that?
Ugh typos!

I'm almost done with the book, and I'm enjoying it very much and do recommend it if you like mystery mixed with crazy family drama.  My eye just twitches every other page or so...

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