10 January 2011

Sick day

I was up at 2:30 am with Carus sick this morning and then every 30 minutes to an hour after that listening.  She didn't call for me so I thought she was okay, but the poor thing wanted me but didn't want to call for me :(

She stayed home of course and I was off work trying to comfort her, cleaning up messes, washing clothes and bedding, and washing and disinfecting all I could.  Especially my hands, which are now a bit raw...

There was a point where I was concerned about appendicitis because her lower right abdomen started hurting, but it went away after another round of sick and hasn't returned. I was poking her a lot just to make sure.

Now dinner is done, Carus was able to keep some food and liquid down too (and some meds for a fever YAY) and I'm beat and wanting bed.  I really hope the bug stops with her, but that is usually not the case...

Uh oh, Robert says I'm looking a little pale. Other than being tired I'm feeling okay. 

Now to the 365s.

Saturday's 365 was me trying to get pictures of the cats. Timmy likes to pose for me, but usually right next to the lens so its not much of a picture. But when I'm fast enough....

8_365 01-08-11

Like I was saying yesterday, I made some spaghetti sauce and canned it. 18 jars, good for spaghetti, lasagna, pizza, breadstick dipping sauce, chicken parmesan, etc.

9_365 01-09-11

When Carus is sick, she gets clingy. I tried to get her to stay in bed but she didn't want to so I made a bed for her on the couch...which got dumped for a pile of blankets on the floor. Eh, she finally took a nap longer than 5 minutes there. Whatever works.

10_365 01-10-11 Sick day

Funny thing, when she saw me pull out the camera she popped up and put a cheesy grin on her face. Always posing for the camera. It didn't take much to convince her it was okay to just lay there - but she wouldn't stop smiling a little.

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  1. Hope Carus gets to feeling better. I hate it when they get sick. I feel useless because I cannot make them feel better faster. [I'm talking about my dogs.] You want to make the hurt go away. I always loved it when my Mom was there for me when I felt bad. She always had an ear perked up waiting to hear us kids cry for her. Mom's are wonderful that way. You are a wonderful Mom!


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