03 January 2011

We are NOT freezing, I promise

365 - Simba in fish eye.

3_365 1-3-11

Kitties are difficult to get pictures of, I got several pictures of him looking away, and a few that were just blurry.  It was satisfying though when Robert took the camera for a couple shots acting like he'd be able to get it in one click and HAHA! not so easy is it?!

In regards to the title. 

Our furnace hasn't been working and the heat pump does not work well when outside temps are below 40 ('cause they're not supposed to) and, well, temps have been in the 20s at night.  We noticed that the furnace was blowing cold air on Friday and after Robert wasn't able to fix it, we decided to have it fixed or, if unable to fix, and the more expensive option, have it replaced.  SINCE we were in a holiday weekend we decided to put off calling the repairman until today so we wouldn't have to pay an emergency fee and weekend fee. Now, it's been cold, but don't worry.  It's not that cold. We won't freeze and we definitely aren't letting the kids freeze. We have warm socks, blankets, and sweaters - AND the heat pump does work, just not that well.  When we run the dryer, since it vents onto the heat pump, it helps keep the heat pump not frozen and working.  Bonus there - I don't have any dirty laundry right now.
The repairman came by today and tested everything and we just need to replace a board.  Pretty simple fix.  Robert found it cheaper online than the repair guy could've gotten it and then he went over which wires go where to make sure it gets put in correctly.  We should have it in 2 days...maybe 3.

The joys of home ownership, eh?

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