30 January 2011

Sunday mash-up

29_365 01-29-11

We have quite a To-Do list for the yard and house for this year and Saturday we welcomed some mostly sunny, warm (mid to high 50s) weather so Robert jumped at the chance to get started with project 1.  Redoing the retaining wall leaning up (and knocking over) the fence between our yard and the neighbors yard.

01-29-11 002 copy

Since I was busy cleaning out our fish tank (all our fish have died) he recruited the kids to help. 

Things went pretty smoothly and they did most of their work yesterday and only spent about an hour more today finishing up.  Now to get the cinder blocks and concrete to build the wall. 
01-29-11 003

01-29-11 028

Got a glimpse of the doves that we're always hearing. There were two of them, but they were sitting on different wires.

01-29-11 007 copy


Trying to teach Yoda how to hold a bone on his head. Normally dogs hold them on their nose, but that's a problem for Yoda.

Can you hold it?
01-30-11 (4)

01-30-11 (5)

Trying again.
01-30-11 (6)

01-30-11 (7)

01-30-11 (8)

30/365 - GOT IT!
30_365 01-30-11

Yeah I edited that one...

Weekly menu

Weekly menu

Is it cheating to take a photo? That's our dry erase menu board that sits on our fridge door. It is nice to not have to answer the "What's for dinner?" question 5 million bazillion times per person.

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