31 January 2011

How about NO

So like you know how sometimes a bad day at work is refer to as a Monday.  It isn't much of a coincidence that it usually falls on a Monday either.  Like today!

It's Monday.  And it's Monday!

This morning there was a lovely moment in my computer not wanting to load properly.  Oh and that 2nd monitor - yeah, took 10 minutes and a reboot to get that sucker to turn on.  And then. AND THEN, everything, as in our processes and programs that we used to do our work everything, decided to start moving like molasses and oh you want in that report? yeah, well wait 5 minutes.  Well worth the 6 second count, wasn't it.  Now you want in that report - well wait 10 minutes and then we'll see that it has already been done and moved on! Bwahahaha!

But it wasn't just me, and from the sounds of it I had one of the better connections in the fact that I was still actually connected in some way.

Just not in a super productive (or even kinda sorta productive) non frustrating way.

Deep breaths.

Oh and then things started working more smoothly and quickly.

BUT OOPS - you mean you wanted to actually send and email?! That's time sensitive and important to patient care... yeah, how about NO!

I know after going 2 hours without getting an email I should have been suspicious, but I was happy in my oblivious tapping at the keyboard manner.

See, told ya - MONDAY!


It's 5 pm and it is still light outside!!  Well sorta.


Well I was going to upload my pic of the day but...nah, not gonna do it.  See ya later this week!

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