27 November 2008

Happy Thanksgiving

Happy Thanksgiving!

I made A LOT of food and we all got VERY full. Carus hasn't stopped eating all day. Everyone is a little sleepy (especially me) and relaxing playing games right now.

Terye, Carie, and I have made our plan of attack for the sales tomorrow getting up at 4 am...get in, get stuff, and get home to get to bed :)

20 November 2008

Thanksgiving week

Just got a text message from Carrie (Peter's girlfriend) and they should be here Saturday night. They are driving up from Fresno, CA and leave around 6 am Saturday morning. It is about a 12 hour drive according to Mapquest, and that is probably if you follow posted speed limits, which nobody driving I5 does.

They will be here for a week and I'm so excited. I wish I had taken the whole week off, but oh well. I don't have to work Wednesday, Thursday, and Friday - day after Thanksgiving sales WOOHOO!

Wednesday I have pies to bake, side dishes to put together, and I'm going to have Terye teach me to make homemade bread (again - been taught like 10 times...wondering when it will stick). Thursday is Turkey day. Friday I will be hitting at least one day after Thanksgiving sale. I LOVE the madness...crazy I know. And I'll take all that want to come. Friday evening is zoo lights!! And Saturday they have to go home :(

BUT IT WILL BE AN AWESOME WEEK! I've been a little lonely all by myself in Oregon...glad to have some visitors!

16 November 2008

Happy Birthday Robert

Well in 3 more days, but we had his surprise party today. It went well. Things did not go as planned, but you kinda have to wing it sometimes. He says he was actually surprised so WOOHOO! That was my main goal. He can be tough to surprise sometimes.

We had carne asada (and I have enough leftover for dinner tonight) and ice cream cake from Baskin Robbins. There were TONS of jokes and laughs and I think everyone had a great time - they better not have lied when they said they did!

I gave the camera to Carus to give her something to do and we got tons of pics of nothing, but on the plus side - it didn't take long for everyone to start making funny faces for her.

07 November 2008

The things kids find...

And then stick up their nose...

On Monday, while I'm working at the hospital, the school called....They wanted to let me know that my daughter tried to put a bead or little ball up her nose and another little girl in the class has convinced her that it was now stuck in her nose causing Carus to panic a tad (the secretary was pretty sure that it is not up there and has had her blow her nose a few times to see if anything came out).

After school, Gramma Barbara did an inspection and didn't feel like there was anything still in there. When Robert got home, and again when I got home, her nose received another inspection and all were satisfied that there was nothing up her nose.

Well, Wednesday night Carus blew her nose and a little blue bead popped out...*sigh*

She still isn't sharing what possessed her to stick a bead up her nose.

Daddy put peas up his nose as a child, and when questioned by his mom, "Cause there was a hole there."

Like father, like daughter.

04 November 2008

I do have the greatest husband...

Yesterday I worked in-house, which means I drove up to the hospital and worked there instead of at home, and then I had to go to the grocery store and deal with awful traffic and didn't get home forever!

But my husband made dinner, and fed the kids and got them ready for bed all before I got home. And it was REALLY good spagetti!

Then today he came home from work and asked me what's for dinner and I said I dunno, I'll figure it out when I'm off in 15 minutes.

And he pulled leftover spagetti out of the fridge and canned soup out of the cupboard and made dinner again, and had the kids eating by the time I got off.

Thank you Robert! I enjoyed being able to veg on the couch and attempt to catch up on my shows!

I love you!

03 November 2008

Halloween by Carus

I got lots of candy. I was Dorothy. I went trick or treating with Haley. Adam was a robot. Adam couldn't walk in his box shoes. We had a big group. It was fun. My pumpkin was a cat.

02 November 2008

Happy Halloween

Adam's costume was a HUGE hit. He had to get dressed downstairs and go out through the garage because he could climb the stairs. As we opened the garage a group of neighbor kids and their parents were coming up and they stopped and all of them (including the parents) went "Oohh, COOL!" and then Adam pushed the button and made the flashlight light up - "WOW! How'd you do that!"

As we went door to door we got more and more comments. Adam's robot feet came off quickly because they were hurting his ankle, but he still didn't loose any AWE factor. Carus was so recognizable in her Dorothy costume, and everyone loved the red ruby slippers (shoe covers). I am so glad that Robert found those LAST minute while we were shopping for our costumes Halloween afternoon.

The weather was GREAT. It had rained earlier and a lot of people were concerned that it was going to be raining, but it was dry. It had warmed up this week and while it wasn't warm, it wasn't freezing like it has been in years past.

We ended up joining with the group of neighbors that had the first look at Adam's costume and with all the tipsy parents we had a good time. It was nice to be in a bigger group which made us more visible. And Carus liked hanging out with her friend Haley. After a bit Adam's costume started poking his leg and rubbing and we ended up heading home before the rest of the group. When we got home Robert found that a metal wire from the air ducting was poking him in the leg.

We quickly got them dressed for bed and grabbed blankies and packed weekend bags and shipped them off with Gramma for the weekend.

Robert and I got changed into our costumes and David headed over to pick us up and we headed out to a friend of his Halloween party. We had fun and didn't get home until 5 am Saturday.

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