02 November 2008

Happy Halloween

Adam's costume was a HUGE hit. He had to get dressed downstairs and go out through the garage because he could climb the stairs. As we opened the garage a group of neighbor kids and their parents were coming up and they stopped and all of them (including the parents) went "Oohh, COOL!" and then Adam pushed the button and made the flashlight light up - "WOW! How'd you do that!"

As we went door to door we got more and more comments. Adam's robot feet came off quickly because they were hurting his ankle, but he still didn't loose any AWE factor. Carus was so recognizable in her Dorothy costume, and everyone loved the red ruby slippers (shoe covers). I am so glad that Robert found those LAST minute while we were shopping for our costumes Halloween afternoon.

The weather was GREAT. It had rained earlier and a lot of people were concerned that it was going to be raining, but it was dry. It had warmed up this week and while it wasn't warm, it wasn't freezing like it has been in years past.

We ended up joining with the group of neighbors that had the first look at Adam's costume and with all the tipsy parents we had a good time. It was nice to be in a bigger group which made us more visible. And Carus liked hanging out with her friend Haley. After a bit Adam's costume started poking his leg and rubbing and we ended up heading home before the rest of the group. When we got home Robert found that a metal wire from the air ducting was poking him in the leg.

We quickly got them dressed for bed and grabbed blankies and packed weekend bags and shipped them off with Gramma for the weekend.

Robert and I got changed into our costumes and David headed over to pick us up and we headed out to a friend of his Halloween party. We had fun and didn't get home until 5 am Saturday.


  1. OMG! What great costumes!!! Carus lokoed absolutely adorable, and the robot costume was pure genius.

    You look awesome to Becca, so hot! And lucky you got to go out afterwards!!!

  2. You guys look GREAT!!! I cant believe you made the Robot!! And I loved Dorthy! Your amazing!! I am excited to go Trick-or-Treating next year! It was warm here too, next year it will probably snow!

  3. You did a great job on that dorothy dress, Becca. I am so proud. You would never believe that was the first time you made a garment. Man you are a talented gal and I am proud to be your Mom.


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