03 November 2008

Halloween by Carus

I got lots of candy. I was Dorothy. I went trick or treating with Haley. Adam was a robot. Adam couldn't walk in his box shoes. We had a big group. It was fun. My pumpkin was a cat.


  1. Your costume was great!
    You have the best Mom to sew that for you...did you thank her?

  2. Sounds like fun!! and save some candy for me Please!! All the Trick or Treaters took mine!!
    PS Your costume was AMAZING!!!

  3. K you are on all my sisters lists and I just had to come check out the fun! I love the robot costume. So incredible! Anyway my name is Rebeccah AKA Bek I am related to Kara, Rachael, April and so on!

  4. I loved the robot costume as it was soooooooo original. How smart is that boy? The smartest!
    And I really loved the dorothy costume. I was thrilled about the ruby slippers. Our Carus is adorable, isn't she?
    I loved your story and hope you enjoyed your trick or treating!
    GRamma is sooooooo proud of you and big brother and I am thrilled to be your gramma. You write the best stories and I really like reading your stories.


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