30 April 2013

And then I got behind again

111_365 04-21-13

112_365 04-22-13

I started my seeds, last week.  They are starting to come up now.  These are old egg cartons, they are biodegradable so I can plant them with the seedlings when it's time to put the plants in the garden.  There are cucumbers, green beans, and tomatoes.

113_365 04-23-13

114_365 04-24-13

115_365 04-25-13

Carus was having trouble being motivated to work on her homework so I sat down with her to keep her company.  I probably should have worked on updating the blog (sooner than now) but instead I wasted time on Facebook and/or Pinterest...or both.

I'm still not caught up, but this is all I'm posting tonight.

22 April 2013

Hi again

If I'm getting phone calls asking where a new post is, I should probably post something?

I must appease my adoring fans.


So first.  Garden update.

04-16-13 (13)

Potato tower is growing very well.  Since this photo, it's grew TONS more and then I covered the leaves almost completely with more soil and watered it in really well.

04-16-13 (14)

Radishes.  I planted carrots at the same time as the radishes, but they haven't come up yet.  Hopefully soon.

105_365 04-15-13
She had her eye on her ball.  Her lips occasionally stick to her teeth and she gets this funny look.

I'm still feeling a little blah, but it's getting better.

106_365 04-16-13

I think part of it is more sun and blue skies, and longer days.  I can actually enjoy the sun a bit after work before it goes down.

107_365 04-17-13
Fluffy clouds

Last week was a busy week too.  Busy work stuff.  Not busy kid stuff.

108_365 04-18-13

109_365 04-19-13

110_365 04-20-13

A friend agreed to pose for me.  It was a fun little photo shoot and it helped me with my little inspiration block.  This is probably my favorite shot from the shoot.

16 April 2013

Less blah.

And another week has gone by.  I felt less blah, slightly.

I'm trying to get out of the rut I'm in.  I have more ideas about how to do it than I have the oomph to actually do it.
98_365 04-08-13

Camellias are such pretty flowers.  Too bad they don't last that long before they drop.

I feel a bit like I'm taking the same pictures over and over, or the same kind of pictures.  Lack of inspiration, or something.

99_365 04-09-13

April showers bring rain drops on my windows. Spring in Oregon is gorgeous, even with all the rain showers.  The sky is blue, the clouds are puffy and there is a nice breeze to compliment the warm sun. And things grow and bloom. I feel a bit guilty seeing online friends in other parts of the country (or world) that are still dealing with snow (feet of snow), but all I can do is hope they get their spring soon.  I would share if I could. I'd definitely share some of the rain we get.

100_365 04-10-13

I've decided I want to take more portraits and I have two perfect models. It only took a little bit of bribery to get them to dress up and pose for me.  Carus was extremely cooperative, as usual.  Adam, however, not so much.

04-10-13 (7)copy

Computer time was on the line though, so he toughed it out.

04-10-13 (14)copy

04-10-13 (27)copy

04-10-13 (33)copy

04-11-13 (2)copy

The front flower beds are looking lovely.  The flowers make me smile so hard.

101_365 04-11-13

102_365 04-12-13

103_365 04-13-13
Blooming trees outside the library.  I want one (or more) of these trees in my yard.

104_365 04-14-13

Teaching Carus to knit... A scarf is in the making.

07 April 2013

Sunday to Sunday

I'm feeling a bit blah and uninspired about my 365.  Or my photography in general.

92_365 04-02-13

And more than a little bit burnt out. On the 365 and the blog.

93_365 04-03-13
(93/365 - A girl and her dog)

I feel like I'm boring and have nothing good to say.

94_365 04-04-13
(94/365 The elusive Wilbur)

I don't think it is helping that these photos the past week are really not my best work.   I do the 365 to improve as a photographer, which I did not do.  Although the focus in that picture of Yoda above is pretty good as well as in Carus's swinging photo, and the flower below looks pretty (not amazing, just pretty). It's not enough...

95_365 04-05-13
(95/365 This ended up being the only photo I got Friday, so hey - self portrait day. Instagram image)

Nothing exciting is going on either. It's all work and school and chores and rain. How much more can I talk about/complain about any of those?

work and school - same ol' same ol'
weather - Oregon spring (rain with sprinkling of sun - but it's warmer).
chores - I need a maid and chef or a clone, but she would want a maid and chef too so back to that option.

96_365 04-06-13
(96/365 Swinging. Chasing wind.)

With the weather "improving" there are more trips to the dog park, and things are blooming, but otherwise, nothing is changing.

97_365 04-07-13
(97/365 Bleeding hearts)

Another week has come and gone,
and things to share I have none.
The year, it speeds by,
the year, it does fly.

02 April 2013

The sky was on fire

91_365 04-01-13

This photo just does not do the sunset justice.

I wish I could have been at the coast for the sunset. It would have been extra amazing.

01 April 2013

Nail art and Easter


So I found a mistake in my numbering.  I forgot to count a photo and was a day off.  It was only about 2 weeks ago so not too hard to fix, and so I did.  Well, I did in my files and on Flickr. I am not worry about it here on the blog.

Saturday was my Saturday to work (at work, we have to trade off a Saturday shift). It wasn't a bad work day, however, it was a GORGEOUS spring day and it was hard to not go outside and play or work in the yard. Which is Robert did, yard work. So I got off easy, right?

Carus painted on her nails, but she has problems painting her right hand using her left hand.  She asked for help with this Harry Potter inspired nail art. She also asked for help doing the design of the wings of the snitch on her thumb.  The other nails are the house colors; Slytherin, Ravenclaw, Hufflepuff, and Gryffindor.
Harry Potter nails. #nailart  89_365 03-30-13


Easter was another lovely day, but there was no yard work to do.  The kids and I colored eggs had a little egg hunt.  Then Robert and I went and got a new grill to finally replace the one I set on fire back in September so we could have some proper BBQ chicken legs and thighs.  They were so good with just the right amount of grilled crispiness. I missed having a grill.  The vinegar bubbled up around the eggs while they were dying. They looked so fuzzy with bubbles.
90_365 03-31-13

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