16 April 2013

Less blah.

And another week has gone by.  I felt less blah, slightly.

I'm trying to get out of the rut I'm in.  I have more ideas about how to do it than I have the oomph to actually do it.
98_365 04-08-13

Camellias are such pretty flowers.  Too bad they don't last that long before they drop.

I feel a bit like I'm taking the same pictures over and over, or the same kind of pictures.  Lack of inspiration, or something.

99_365 04-09-13

April showers bring rain drops on my windows. Spring in Oregon is gorgeous, even with all the rain showers.  The sky is blue, the clouds are puffy and there is a nice breeze to compliment the warm sun. And things grow and bloom. I feel a bit guilty seeing online friends in other parts of the country (or world) that are still dealing with snow (feet of snow), but all I can do is hope they get their spring soon.  I would share if I could. I'd definitely share some of the rain we get.

100_365 04-10-13

I've decided I want to take more portraits and I have two perfect models. It only took a little bit of bribery to get them to dress up and pose for me.  Carus was extremely cooperative, as usual.  Adam, however, not so much.

04-10-13 (7)copy

Computer time was on the line though, so he toughed it out.

04-10-13 (14)copy

04-10-13 (27)copy

04-10-13 (33)copy

04-11-13 (2)copy

The front flower beds are looking lovely.  The flowers make me smile so hard.

101_365 04-11-13

102_365 04-12-13

103_365 04-13-13
Blooming trees outside the library.  I want one (or more) of these trees in my yard.

104_365 04-14-13

Teaching Carus to knit... A scarf is in the making.

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