07 April 2013

Sunday to Sunday

I'm feeling a bit blah and uninspired about my 365.  Or my photography in general.

92_365 04-02-13

And more than a little bit burnt out. On the 365 and the blog.

93_365 04-03-13
(93/365 - A girl and her dog)

I feel like I'm boring and have nothing good to say.

94_365 04-04-13
(94/365 The elusive Wilbur)

I don't think it is helping that these photos the past week are really not my best work.   I do the 365 to improve as a photographer, which I did not do.  Although the focus in that picture of Yoda above is pretty good as well as in Carus's swinging photo, and the flower below looks pretty (not amazing, just pretty). It's not enough...

95_365 04-05-13
(95/365 This ended up being the only photo I got Friday, so hey - self portrait day. Instagram image)

Nothing exciting is going on either. It's all work and school and chores and rain. How much more can I talk about/complain about any of those?

work and school - same ol' same ol'
weather - Oregon spring (rain with sprinkling of sun - but it's warmer).
chores - I need a maid and chef or a clone, but she would want a maid and chef too so back to that option.

96_365 04-06-13
(96/365 Swinging. Chasing wind.)

With the weather "improving" there are more trips to the dog park, and things are blooming, but otherwise, nothing is changing.

97_365 04-07-13
(97/365 Bleeding hearts)

Another week has come and gone,
and things to share I have none.
The year, it speeds by,
the year, it does fly.

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  1. Hey You,Its me. saying hi all the way out here in St helens, "What do you me your boring and your photography hasnt improved"? You are spectacular,You have impecable taste and talent!!. We all get these feelings at times. I call them my "Stuck in a rut" moments. Dont worry it will pass. I mean this! You have great talent. I like your little poem at the end too. Hang in there. give me a call tomorrow. Love ya BV/Momlaw


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