22 April 2013

Hi again

If I'm getting phone calls asking where a new post is, I should probably post something?

I must appease my adoring fans.


So first.  Garden update.

04-16-13 (13)

Potato tower is growing very well.  Since this photo, it's grew TONS more and then I covered the leaves almost completely with more soil and watered it in really well.

04-16-13 (14)

Radishes.  I planted carrots at the same time as the radishes, but they haven't come up yet.  Hopefully soon.

105_365 04-15-13
She had her eye on her ball.  Her lips occasionally stick to her teeth and she gets this funny look.

I'm still feeling a little blah, but it's getting better.

106_365 04-16-13

I think part of it is more sun and blue skies, and longer days.  I can actually enjoy the sun a bit after work before it goes down.

107_365 04-17-13
Fluffy clouds

Last week was a busy week too.  Busy work stuff.  Not busy kid stuff.

108_365 04-18-13

109_365 04-19-13

110_365 04-20-13

A friend agreed to pose for me.  It was a fun little photo shoot and it helped me with my little inspiration block.  This is probably my favorite shot from the shoot.

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