01 April 2013

Nail art and Easter


So I found a mistake in my numbering.  I forgot to count a photo and was a day off.  It was only about 2 weeks ago so not too hard to fix, and so I did.  Well, I did in my files and on Flickr. I am not worry about it here on the blog.

Saturday was my Saturday to work (at work, we have to trade off a Saturday shift). It wasn't a bad work day, however, it was a GORGEOUS spring day and it was hard to not go outside and play or work in the yard. Which is Robert did, yard work. So I got off easy, right?

Carus painted on her nails, but she has problems painting her right hand using her left hand.  She asked for help with this Harry Potter inspired nail art. She also asked for help doing the design of the wings of the snitch on her thumb.  The other nails are the house colors; Slytherin, Ravenclaw, Hufflepuff, and Gryffindor.
Harry Potter nails. #nailart  89_365 03-30-13


Easter was another lovely day, but there was no yard work to do.  The kids and I colored eggs had a little egg hunt.  Then Robert and I went and got a new grill to finally replace the one I set on fire back in September so we could have some proper BBQ chicken legs and thighs.  They were so good with just the right amount of grilled crispiness. I missed having a grill.  The vinegar bubbled up around the eggs while they were dying. They looked so fuzzy with bubbles.
90_365 03-31-13

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