08 September 2012


253_366 09-08-12

This bee was covered in pollen and it wasn't really moving. I don't think it could - it was pollen drunk.

I was just messing around with selective color.  I like it, but... I dunno.

* * * * * * * * * * * * *

This week has sucked.  It keeps trying to be awesome, but each awesome has been trumped by a shit hole. Or some other word(s) that better describe.

Good:  Kids started back at school.  Bad:  The ongoing issues with the flipping bus stuff for Carus.

Good:  Adam gets news of first football game.  Bad: It might be at 4:30pm in McMinnville, which is an hour away, I get off at 4:30, and on that particular day I'll be working at the hospital so I wouldn't get home until after 5.  This particular shit hole has me sad and angry.

Carus started dance class, but her insecurities and perfectionism had her upset she wasn't good enough. It breaks my heart to see her being that hard on herself.

Good hour at work is trumped by bad hour at work.  Or day to day.

Let's throw on some guilt for working and not being able to drop off and pick up the kids from school so I can stop dealing with the stupid bus company, not to mention being able to attend Adam's football games.

Today was going good.

And then, tonight, I set the grill on fire.

Not just a little fire - a full out had to break out the extinguisher fire. Because I am an idiot and started the grill and then went and took pictures of bees for 10-15 minutes and didn't pay attention to the grill.

POOF.  But luckily the deck and the house didn't POOF.

I turned off the grill and the propane tank and knew enough to not open the lid (back draft) and called for Robert to help.  I was going to try spraying water - he went full extinguisher.  He made the right choice.

At first it look like the grill was toast, but it might just need cleaning.  The internet tells me I can clean the extinguisher residue off and all will be good.  We'll see.

It's Saturday night.  I need this to be the end of my week. And I really need next week to be better.

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  1. How aweful that you have had a bad week. Seems like when its bad its really bad! but when its good, life can just be bliss Have a better week. B.V.


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