08 September 2012


Robert has been working on painting The Shed all week.  He wanted the same color as the house, and it will have the same color trim as well, to match and tie it in.  It will look better that way.  But there was one problem - what color is it?  Unfortunately, of the several cans of paint left in the garage the house color was not one of them. Robert kept insisting it was more of an off-white, I said it was a light gray.  We knew we could take in a sample and get it color matched, but didn't have anything small enough to take in; until I found  a gutter downspout clamp.  When Robert removed the clamp we found that underneath the gutter had a spot with the original paint color of the house - a mint green.  Ew! Thank you to whoever had the house repainted!

252_366 09-07-12

At first Robert was painting by hand, but wasn't happy with how it looked so he went and got a paint gun, which worked well enough.  With a final coat with the roller to even out some spots it looks great.  Now on to trim!

Leia must have walked a little close to The Shed, she got a little paint on her ear.

09-07-12 (11)

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