14 September 2012



259_366 09-14-12

I made Adam bring home his football uniform for me to wash.  He forgot it last week so it has been 2 weeks since last washing.  It had been worn in a 2 hour practice today right before I got my hands on it.  It was 90 degrees today and they run those boys.  I had to pull the sweaty pads out of the sweaty pants.  Ew!

They came out of the washer DRIER than they went into that washer.

There was also an half smooshed (and really clean) earthworm in the bottom of the washer.

They look better after one round through the washer, but I've sprayed them again with Spray and Wash and will put them through another cycle in the morning.  They won't be perfectly clean (and white again) but they will be cleaner and Adam won't be stewing in sweat and dirt for another week.

My mom job is done for the day.

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  1. WOW! They look like they can almost stand up by themselves. LOL B.V.


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