18 September 2012

This Weeks' Beginning

I got to spent Sunday morning with a friend and her new babies - twin babies (boy and girl).  She had a photographer cancel on her at the last second because they didn't want to drive out to her house after they knew where she lived before hand so I asked if I could help take some photos, especially a family photo.  It was a fun morning!
261_366 09-16-12

My celery is flowering.  I haven't harvested anything from the plant - wasn't sure when to do it.  I probably could cut a stalk or two off here and there, it doesn't look like celery in the store so I'm doing something different or something...?  I dunno.  We don't go through celery like crazy so it's no biggy.  It's interesting to see how it grows.
262_366 09-17-12

Leia gots to go bye-byes today. I took the dogs with me when I went to pick up the boy from football practice.
263_366 09-18-12

Speaking of football and the boy - I get to go watch a game tomorrow! WOO! I've been dying to go to a game and his first game was an hour drive away, during my work shift, and didn't give me enough notice to get the time off so I couldn't go.  Then he swung over to the other team to play as a back-up/relief and it was in the same place at the same time and not enough notice for me to get off early - again couldn't go.

Tomorrow, the game is AFTER work and it's a home game so we can go!

Dude, middle school football is rough!  In the two games his two teams have played, there have been injuries.  They've acquired a broken arm, a small concussion, and a broken clavicle.

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  1. Cute babies, Good luck on the football game, Wish i could be there too. B.V.


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