06 September 2012

Back to School!

250_366 09-05-12
Her sign says "Carus, 10 years old, 5th grade. I want to be an artist."  I was reminded by my cousin to do this little sign.  It will be nice when she is grown to be able to look back and see how plans have or have not changed.  I wish I had started doing it when the kids started Kindergarten though... Live and learn.

Carus got to go back first, going yesterday.  She was a bit nervous and became more and more nervous the closer we got to school.  I drove her to avoid more bus drama (and boy has it been a bunch of drama - they can't seem to be able to figure out how to get her to and from school, but anyways) and we arrived at the school a bit too early so we parked and sat for 10 minutes.

The original plan was to drop her off at the front door but when it came time to go she asked if I would walk her to the door.  I did.  As we got closer to the door, I was asked to walk her to her classroom.  I left her as she was greeting her teacher.  I wanted a hug, but I knew she wouldn't want the embarrassment so I just waved.  As I was leaving I saw a friend and found out she was in Carus's class and felt better for her.  She had been worried that she wouldn't know anyone when she didn't recognize any names on the class list.

I missed her so much.

She bounced in in the afternoon a bit late (because of the stupid bus issues - but anyways) and said she had a good day, was happy to know several people in her class, declared her teacher awesome and told me all about how she won two pieces of Jolly Rancher candy in a game played at school.

(The bus issues continue today! For some reason, they can't figure out what bus Carus is supposed to go on, and their nonchalant, "just stick her on the same bus as your son and we'll get her to school" IS NOT reassuring, nor something I'm okay with.  After yet ANOTHER phone call (this puts me at 10) I think I've FINALLY got it sorted out.  We will see tomorrow...)

251_366 09-06-12
Adam's sign says "Adam, 14 years old, 8th grade.  I don't know"  I don't think he's ever known what he wanted to be.  There have been the moments of policeman and firefighter and superhero but those were very fleeting.  There was mention last year of being a writer and he started writing a book, but that has stalled - or run out of inspiration for the time being.  He'll figure it out.

Adam was excited, nervous, and sad about having to go back to school.  He enjoys school, but it does cut into video game time and it comes with homework.  He was excited that he already knew who his math teacher would be (she was great last year so WOO!) and was excited to go back to band (the district has a great band teacher).  He has football practice directly after school so I won't get to hear how it went until much later.

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  1. Great pictures," What smart looking kids. They look awesome. Thanks for sharing B.V.


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