05 September 2012

247, 248, and 249 of 366

09/02/2012 - Sunday

Adam's birthday of course! We had a little family party with dinner (steak as requested by the birthday boy) and chocolate cream pie (he didn't want a cake). I made two pies - one with a mint Oreo cookie crust and one with a regular Oreo cookie crust. Both were good.

247_366 09-02-12

My finger was up because I was getting him to hold on blowing out the candles a second for Daddy to get in position with the camera (which I had forgot to check the settings on and THANKFULLY the pic came out). I didn't hold him long enough for Grandpa Alan to get into position though - sorry!

09-02-12 (12)

Gramma Jerye came up for his birthday, the first birthday of his she has been to since he was born. Don't wait 14 years to be at another of his birthdays Gramma! And unfortunately she had to head towards home right after dinner. Visits with Gramma's and Granny's are never long enough... 

* * * * * * * * * * * * *

Quilting Day! A friend and I are still working out the Mystery Quilts we started back in January. The ones that were supposed to be done by now. (Yay for a fellow procrastinator!) We've been trying to make a point of getting together once or twice a month (or as often as we can) and working on those quilts.

248_366 09-04-12

One of these is not like the others...

09-04-12 (2)

Oops, made a mistake. Oh well, it was only this one block and it was an easy fix.

* * * * * * * *

Football season has started! Adam has been in practices for 2 weeks and is enjoying it. He did not want to pose for this photo, he was tired and sweaty and wanting a shower - but he does as I say.

Ignore the messy pantry please. 

249_366 09-04-12

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