01 September 2012


Carus making herself a pillowcase out of a fleece pink and black zebra print.  She BEGGED for the fabric when seeing it in the store. Really, really begged.  She wanted another blanket, but because she already has 5 million bazillion blankets on her bed, I suggested a simple pillowcase, which she agreed to.  I think she meant for me or gramma to sew it, but we had other ideas.  Gramma made her a skirt out of another fabric she BEGGED for, so she had to do this one.  She did well.

244_366 08-30-12

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Sneaking in an update on The Shed now.  Progress is still being made, but it looks like less is being finished.

Robert got the window in.
08-30-12 (3)

And, he got the door in, and foamed the gap around the door.  Next up, painting!
08-30-12 (4)

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  1. Carus will appreciate the pillow case even more because SHE made it. Smart move Momma! :) Shed looks great! ~Deborah


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