05 September 2012


246:366 09/01/2012 Saturday Leia loves going to the dog park. It's the best place to play fetch. 246_366 09-01-12 In the past, the people and the dogs at the dog park, while occasionally a bit odd, have been nice, friendly, and well behaved (owners and dogs alike). Lately, though, each time we've gone there are some rude people and dogs. It's not that they're trying to be rude per se. The dogs are being SUPER friendly to Leia (especially the boy dogs (she is fixed)) to the point of being aggressive and snapping at her when she escapes from their herding and attempting to mount; and the owners are just watching. Then there is this one guy that stole her ball to play with some other dog. Leia grabbed the ball after a throw, and dropped it after being approached by another dog (she's submissive) and that dog picked it up. This guy took it from the dog when the dog wouldn't drop it for me, and then wouldn't give it to me and wouldn't throw it for Leia. I was biting my tongue and not saying anything to be polite, but I was getting really annoyed. AND THEN he started throwing it for the other dog (the thief dog). I finally got the ball back when the thief dog's owner noticed he stole a ball and I took Leia over to the small dog section to get a couple fetches in before we left. This time though, Adam and I took turns tossing for Leia and playing with the camera. 09-01-12 (11) 09-01-12 (18) 09-01-12 (27)

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