23 September 2012

The Shed is Finished!

Robert hasn't been letting me taking progress photos of The Shed.  He wanted me to wait until it was finished.  He has been doing the trim, sealing, and final touch-ups for 2 weeks now.

09-23-12 (1)

Seams along the walls, ceilings, window, and door have been sealed and all paint has been touched up.

09-23-12 (3)

The door was repainted and the door jam filled with foam.

09-23-12 (4)

Door open.

09-23-12 (5)

Last night he wired it for light and a couple plug outlets.

09-23-12 (7)


09-23-12 (8)

Look another plug!

Today, he started moving his tinkering stuff in and rearranging the garage.  He officially has his very own man cave to run away and hide from us.

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