09 September 2012


254_366 09-09-12

Yes, I was messing around taking pictures of bees again.

No, I didn't catch anything on fire this time.

09-09-12 (15) copy

This bee was just chilling on the screen of the back porch, not really moving much.  It was cool this morning so maybe he couldn't move quite yet.  Either way, he was a willing model for about 20 minutes.

Today was a good day. I hope it means this week will be a good one.

I made and canned a batch of my spaghetti sauce and canned a batch of tomatoes from my garden.  I got 3-3/4 quarts of tomatoes and 10 quart jars of spaghetti sauce.  That last quart was a bit hard to fill, I ran out of ripe tomatoes, but I improvised and hoped I got it full enough.  After processing, there is more juice than tomatoes than the other jars, but I think it will be okay.

I also made two loaves of banana bread.  I need to make it more often, it is very good.  I know what I'm having for breakfast!

Robert has spent the weekend painting and hanging trim on the shed and caulking and sealing around windows, doors and such on both the shed and touch ups on the house.

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