26 December 2011

Christmas day wrap up

Carus 7days5 "My favorite gift."

12-25-11 Carus 7days5
We were very lucky to find this piano on Craigslist for a really good deal.  At first we were looking at console upright pianos, but those that weren't gone by the time we called about them and close enough to us (under 50 miles) that we could consider getting them here, were too expensive, and those that were in our price range were too far away.  Then there was the question of how we'll get it here, how we'll move it at both ends cause they are heavy and we just about gave up.  Robert found this one and went to look at it as like a last hope and it worked out great.  The bench corner was chewed on a little by their dog, but we recovered it no problem and you could never tell.  

357/365 - 7days5 Sitting down to Christmas dinner. 357_365 12-25-11 Becca 7days5

But before all that, there was the rest of the day.  I didn't get a lot of photos, but that's okay.  It was a great day.  We didn't get up super early, took our time eating breakfast and opening presents.  After presents I put the roast in the oven and went to lay down for a nap.  I was to work the swing shift and since I never sleep well Christmas Eve I was tired.  I didn't get much of a nap though, just a few winks.  Robert played with his new miter saw and Carus was playing with her new piano which don't work well with napping.

Soon I gave up trying to sleep and came out to finish dinner.  I did all the prep work for dinner on Christmas Eve so I didn't have to do much work - just pop things in the oven and cut up fresh vegetables for a veggie tray.  After dinner and clean up we opened gifts from the in-laws (that's them at the table with us) and mingled for a bit before I started working.  Work went well, not too busy - just enough to keep me occupied.  I've heard a lot that it sucks that I had to work on Christmas, and yes it does - but it doesn't.  The hospital is open all the time so it only makes sense that we are too.  We all (my coworkers and I) alternate holidays.  I've had a few Christmas's off so it makes sense that I do one, and now I'll get a few off before I have another go.

Now back to the beginning of the day for more photos.

Opening their first gifts.
12-25-11 011

 They like their new Minecraft shirts. Adam got a periodic table of Minecraft elements.
12-25-11 021

Carus's Minecraft shirt, Run Away.
12-25-11 022

Oooh, a gift card.  (Isn't he a goof?)
12-25-11 027

To: Carus
From: Awesome Man (AKA Adam)
12-25-11 030

Awesome Man did good with his gift, she liked it...
12-25-11 031

...Justin Bieber movie and JB teddy bear.
12-25-11 033

Adam's chess board.  This gift Adam sorta knew he was getting because Fed Ex sucks. They delivered the package and left it sitting on the front porch and didn't ring the bell or knock. I was working in direct sight of the door, and the dogs go nutso anytime anyone comes near the door, so I know they didn't knock.  And then Adam came home from school and found the box. It had a description of the board on the box. I went with the "it's Christmas time, everyone recycle boxes like crazy" lie but I don't think he believed me.  He still likes his board so YAY...
12-25-11 035

Carus reading her new Secret Agent Josephine Colors book. (She has two more books out for kids, usually younger kids than my kids, but Carus liked the book just the same.  SAJ is a brilliant, fun illustrator and writer. Her blog is full of other great stuff too.  The books are also available for Ipad, Iphone or Kindle.)
12-25-11 038

Table set for dinner.
12-25-11 042

That's it folks!

Hope your Christmas was good.

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  1. Gracious Adam is growing so fast! I wish he would pose for more pictures. Tell he is awesomely handsome and gramma said so....No one can argue with gramma...


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