19 December 2011

Weekend 365s and today's too

349/365 - I didn't think it was gonna be that blurry
349_365 12-16-11

350/365 - Sunset seen on my drive home from the grocery store. Not bad for a one handed, no looking, quick click of the camera.  The sunset was prettier than this picture - and there was a nice pink band of color.
350_365 12-17-11

351/365 - Friend Geneva and her Friesian Wynston, all festive.  That horse is just a little bit loved I think.
351_365 12-18-11

One more image.
12-18-11 (21) copy

Christmas Leia.  She loves that collar and will come running and sit still for us to put it on her.  We think it's the bells that jingle when she walks, runs, and plays. Silly puppy.
12-19-11 018 copy

Christmas puggy.
12-19-11 022 copy

352/365 - Christmas Yoda pug
352_365 12-19-11

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