14 December 2011

First pressie under the tree... Robert's.

I came home from the grocery store tonight and found that his present had been delivered AND the box said what it was!  In GIANT letters. On each side. With a picture and description with measurements and weight and GRRRR!!!!


He has assured me that he didn't hear the bell ring and that he didn't see it sitting out there - and the kids backed him up.  I really hope not.  I don't need another surprise ruined (see *) this year.

I didn't trust him to not go looking for it if I just hid it, plus it's not exactly small so it's hard to hide well, so I had to wrap it.

If he, the cats, or the puppy mess with that wrapping, they will be in so much trouble!

346_365 12-13-11

He just tried to snoop at it and I had to cover all my bases, "You may not touch, shake, kick, poke, peak, lick, sniff, or otherwise try to figure out what is in that box. Walk away and you won't get hurt."

*I have more for this rant, but can't express that right now in the rare case that one of my children reads my blog.  I don't think they do, but you never know.

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