18 June 2012

June 18th

We found out what is wrong with puggy.  He has degenerative disc disease in his cervical spine, and it's pretty severe.  He now has a prescription for anti-inflammatory meds and a muscle relaxer to use as needed.  After the excitement of getting to go bye byes to go to the vet (he doesn't care where he's going, as long as he gets to go bye byes) he was hurting so he got dosed up.  He is running and playing again.  He's my poor little old man.

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June 18
What's in your garden?

Oooh, this is right up my alley!  I was already planning a potato tower update, now I can update on all the plants!  (Again, the things that excite me.)

We'll start with the potato tower.  I'm so excited that little potato plants are popping out.  I really hope that means lots of potatoes are growing inside!  There is even a teeny little plant that has popped up on top.  Only one side hasn't started sprouting, but I still have hope for that side.
06-18-12 (7)

Strawberry plants.  This bunch came from a friend.  She had too many and had to get rid of some.  I selflessly took some off her hands.  I get a handful of berries from this bunch and the much smaller bunch I had already.
06-19-12 (2)

The full garden with all the pretty plants.  My tomatoes already have a tiny baby tomato and many little blossoms ready for more fruit.  The cucumbers have a lot of blossoms too.  The watermelon doesn't look too great.  I think it might be a smidge too cold for it yet. And the celery - I used this method.

06-19-12 (5) copy

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