07 June 2012

June 7th

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June 7
List 8 reasons it's okay to lie.

1. You do not ever tell a woman her baby is not cute - all babies are cute. Period.  No matter what. Or a friend's haircut is awful (or maybe you should, the mullet had to start somewhere) or their outfit is horrendous.  Basically, if it will make you look like an ass, don't say it.

2.  To protect someone, especially your kids.

3.  Santa Claus, Easter bunny, tooth fairy, etc.  Yeah, I think those are okay fibs.  They enhance magic of the holiday/occasion.

4.  For compassion.  (Thanks for your help Robert)  Telling a very sick person, that isn't going to be fine, "you're going to just fine."  But only up to a point.

5. Politics, to some people.
In usual cases beliefs should be stood up for, but occasionally you will come across some fucktard (excuse my language Granny and Grandma) that will attack you - full out verbally (and possibly physically) attack you for your beliefs. I've had this happen to me with strangers at a party who called me all sorts of bad names, but chalked that up to a fluke experience.  Recently, however, I had this happen to me and my kids (and oh boy was that person LUCKY he didn't push too far with my kids and also that he was family) so now I have the stance - politics are a nod and walk away situation with those kinds of people, and you can spot them a mile away.

6.  Playing hookie.  Not that I condone that (or ever have done it with my current job in case any of my coworkers are reading this, which I don't think they know I have a blog), but occasionally (seriously, occasionally is like once every 6-12 months; not every week) we all need a day to ourselves.  A day to unwind and take a nap or get some errands done or just some time to ourselves.

And now I'm stuck and I'm polling my facebook.

7.  It's okay to lie if you're The Doctor.  Thank you for the reminder Bonnie!

8.  And this one comes from friend/coworker Erin - to help a surprise.  Like for gifts or a surprise party.

Any I missed?


  1. Oh yes, The Doctor may lie. We just have to trust him because he doesn't always tell us the truth.

    Me days are very important. Calling in sick for a rare mental health day is perfectly acceptable. Like you said, once or maybe twice a year.

  2. All of these are excellent points! I couldn't think of any reasons to lie but that's probably because I suck at lying. Fibbing to keep a surprise or to play hookie? Totally legit. :)


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