02 June 2012

June 2nd

154:366 - June 1st
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A bee on the peony out front.

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When talking about yesterday's prompt with Robert, I asked him if he agreed with my Phoebe-ness, and he does kinda.  He agrees in that I will do anything for a friend - sometimes to the detriment of myself.  And sometimes I do.  But anyways - we're not going to go there.

I asked him who he felt he identified with and after just a little bit of thought he came up with MacGyver.

Robert is so MacGyver. He can take things apart and put them back together again either fixing what ever was wrong or creating something new.  He definitely could do the whole wilderness/stressful/extreme situation survival bit.  It fits him very well.

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June 2
What gives you nightmares?

So, um. Thanks Kassie. I don't want to think about what gives me nightmares. But that's the prompt.  Okay, let's get started.

1. Spiders.  But only awake time nightmares.  I don't ever recall having a bad dream where spiders were coming after me to eat me.  They only do that when I'm awake, in real life, when I have to scream and have someone else kill them.  Or, more realistically, when I'm the only one around to fight against their tyranny and I have to be brave and put the longest hose attachment on the vacuum, hope it doesn't fall off when the spider is halfway through the tube because it doesn't fit well, and suck that thing up.  Then leave it running for 20 minutes to make sure it is a) to damn dizzy to find its way out or b) actually dead.  Guess what I did this morning?!

I have a few "recurring" dreams.  They are only slightly recurring in that the scene/situation changes, but the end result is always the same.

2.  I'm always floating away.  I start out like I can fly and I can get back to the ground, control how long I'm up in the air and how far I go up.  It quickly turns into me not being able to stay on the ground, going higher and higher each time I leave the ground, and eventually I can't get back down and I'm floating away.

3.  I'm running from someone.  Sometimes it's zombies, and then it's more amusing then scary, but I will still wake up in that nightmare panic. And hello, have you read the news lately. Zombie-ish-ness popping up all over the place.  Though usually, I'm running from a bad guy or guys.  A traditional bad guy, someone who wants to harm me.

I wonder what those dreams mean... I have my theories, especially with the running from someone who wants to harm me one, but it would be interesting to see what an "expert" says.

4.  Something bad happening to the kids or Robert.  I think these might be the worse because once I'm finally awake (and I will know it's a bad dream and try to wake myself up but can't until just the right moment - probably when they're about to die or have died in my dream) I will lay awake analyzing the dream, trying to convince myself that the situation will never happen, OR, worse, trying to plan the what-ifs it did happen. Because that makes sense.  Something horrible happens to my kids or husband and it's okay because I have a plan on how to handle it. Ugh.

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  1. Yeah, sorry, I'm with you on the spiders. Awful creatures, just awful.


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