27 June 2012

June 26th

06-26-12 Carus 7Days 4

Showing mom that the giant spider isn't that scary.

(She was totally pretending to be brave, she wouldn't get any closer and she wouldn't smush it. Also, it was totally planning on eating me so yeah, I was scared. I don't like spiders. And they are large spiders.  We call them baby tarantulas.)

179_366 06-26-12 Becca 7Days 4

Lunch break:

Toss some clothes in the washer, put some food in the oven, head outside to get some sun while reading only to find it is raining...again... settle for screened porch.  (I'm reading book 7 of the Bloody Jack series, Rapture of the Deep)

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June 26
What is your relationship with water?  (thunderstorms, lakes, rivers, swimming, boating, sprinklers, etc.) Is it good or bad? What do you think caused this?

I love being in or near water.  The ocean especially, equal parts for the view, smell, and sound; though I've yet to be on or in the ocean (other than wading) and am nervous about being far from a shore (like scared of being stuck in the middle of an ocean with or without a boat).  I can't swim really well, having taught myself in late adolescence and I think that attributes to my unease.  That and I'm sure I would look like a seal and attract a few sharks.  I think they are gorgeous animals and would like to swim with them one day (from the safety of a shark cage) but I'm not interested in being a meal for them.

I don't like driving on bridges over water, some bridges are better/easier than others.  But that is a fear of the car driving over the edge and being trapped in the car where I drown.  I have no idea where that came from.

Thunder and lightning storms - I LOVE!  And I think that is from growing up in New Mexico where they are a common occurrence. I love watching the lightening and listening to the thunder get closer and closer. And those storms of my youth not only had that fresh rain smell, but also a little electric tingle to them and I love that.  Now, in Northwestern Oregon, it is very rare to get a thunder and lightening storm, and almost as rare to get that rain smell.

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