27 June 2012

June 27th

Carus 7 Days, day 5
Carus would like to bring your attention to her floppy bow.
06-27-12 Carus 7Days 5

My last day this decade.  My last day in my 20s.  Tomorrow is my 30th birthday.  I keep waiting to feel upset about it, or sad, or something.  It just feels weird to say I'm going to be 30...
180_366 06-27-12 Becca 7Days 5

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June 27
When was the last time you got into a heated argument? What's your conflict style? Avoid, attack, win at all costs, there are no winners?

Lately I haven't been really arguing a lot. I have gotten into arguments, but either I "won" because, lets face it, I'm always right or because I just walked away (or cut off contact). I don't have the energy for the "drama" anymore, there was just too much in my past.

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  1. Great picture of you, You have always looked younger than you really are though! Happy Birthday!! B.V.


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