28 June 2012

June 28th


Spent the morning at a lavender farm picking lavender with the kids and a friend.  I will dry it, make lavender wands, and maybe even get to use some in jams, jellies, soaps, and sachets.  The friend we went with has a very delicious peach lavender jam recipe.

It was a lovely, beautiful, good smelling morning.

Oh, and if you were wondering - 30 doesn't feel bad at all.
181_366 06-28-12 Becca 7Days 6

Carus on her brother's shoulders.  He was kind and was helping her attempt to climb into the tree.
06-28-12 Carus 7Days 6

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June 28
Keep It Real Campaign:  Each of us has been personally impacted by photo-shopped beauty.  Whether it's through actually consuming the content in these magazines ourselves, or knowing the influence it has over a loved one, we all have a wake-up call to give the industry.  Use your voice and write down why you want the industry to "keep it real" in magazines, then:
Post it on your blog and on our Facebook even wall so we can share it!
Tweet it to the magazines and post the link on their Facebook pages!
Keep It Real

I don't feel I could eloquently say what I want to say so I'm going to go all out on this prompt.  However, I believe we need magazines (and TV shows and movies, and especially any and all media!) to "Keep It Real" for our girls.  For their mental health and well being.

All girls do not deserve to have eating disorders because they don't think they are pretty enough.

All girls do not deserve to feel they MUST surgically "enhance" their bodies to make themselves more attractive.

All girls deserve to believe they are beautiful just as they are. That they are enough.

Because those girls will grow into women and those women need all those things as well.

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