15 June 2012

June 14th

167:366 - The neighbor hired the kids to help with some barn chores and I took them out and tagged along.
167_366 06-14-12

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June 14
In a world filled with more technological distractions than ever before, social networks, smart phones, etc, what strategies do you enforce in your life in order to stay focused on your goals and living life in real-time to the fullest?

I am sure I spend way too much time online, on Facebook, checking my phone, etc. but I like all that stuff.

I can get off when I need to.  I just step away or put it down and do what I need to do.

Usually, weekends are pretty unplugged.  I rarely turn on the computer and check my phone less often than during weekdays.  Just get busy and don't think about it I guess.

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