25 June 2012

June 25th

7days, day 3
178_366 06-25-12 Becca 7Days 3

Playing with the dogs.
Left to right from the top:
1. Aaaahh *bite*
2. Who's gonna win?
3.  Imma gonna get your 'paterpiller.
4.  Throw it already, please.

Carus 7days, day 3
06-25-12 Carus 7days 3

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June 25
Write about a time you got in trouble with your parents when you were younger.
The Book of Myself

Meh, I don't feel inspired to do this one.  I got in trouble a lot - sometimes for things that I really shouldn't have been in trouble for (and that's my opinion as a parent now, not as the person in trouble then) and sometimes for things I definitely should have been in trouble for.  As well as for a few things I got away with that maybe I should not have gotten away with.

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  1. I think you should write a book still, Eula told me the other day she has been reading your blogs everyday. She says you are so talented!!! The way you write these blogs, We both see a good book comming in your future from you!! There is lots to write about. You always do a great job!! Thanks for inspiring us. B.V.


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