12 June 2012

June 10th, 11th, and 12th

Catch up post!  I was down for two days for my health. (Stupid allergies, even stupider asthma).

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163:366 (06/10/12 - Sunday) - Dehydrating strawberries (Yum) *phone photo/Instagram
163_366 06-10-12

Also on Sunday, my mother-in-law (THANK YOU BARB!!) came over with her Dyson and helped me do a really good vacuuming on my house.  Our vacuum sucks (or I suppose technically it doesn't suck) and our carpets were dirty, dusty, and dog-and-cat-hair-y.  I think it's time to invest in a good vacuum. Maybe a Dyson... (The price kills me, they're good but not THAT good.)

164:366 (06/11/12 - Monday) - Oregon, the allergies you're giving me this spring are killing me, but the spring skies - almost make up for it.
164_366 06-11-12

I have asthma.  Every other year or so spring allergy season messes with my asthma and makes it hard to breathe.  Last year was a good breathing year.  This year? Totally not! I've already had to call in for a steroid course once, which I finished and was doing good...until Sunday evening. The asthma attack came on suddenly and strongly. And it wasn't my typical attack symptoms so I wasn't sure it was asthma or an allergic reaction to some prickly weeds I had pulled. (My hands were itching like hell. Yeah yeah yeah, I'll wear gloves next time.)  When I still wasn't better Monday after work I had Robert take me to urgent care to get a nebulizer treatment. I'm on another steroid course - and I barely make it to dose times before I'm short of breath.  

165:366 (06/12/12 - Tuesday) - My Yoda puggy has been hurting since Friday.  He jumped off the bed (we have pet stairs for him, which he will use to get up, but not down) and hurt his back leg (which he has hurt before).  The vet advised us to let him rest over the weekend (which works only as long as I'm still - he just HAS to follow me around) and bring him in on Monday if he was still yelping every time he got up.  By Monday he was no longer yelping, but still favoring his leg a bit and still looking all sad - but he was improving so we let it be.  Today he was doing even better.  So much so that he got all silly, monkey-minutes running and playing... and then he was all sad looking and moving slower.  Poor guy over did it.  (By the way, I was not encouraging this play. I was trying to get him to calm down.)  He's not yelping again, just moving slow and looking all sad.  Hopefully tomorrow he'll be doing even better.  Also we are being more strict with the no dogs on the bed rule. He wakes me up several times a night whining to come up on the bed, but I'm holding firm.  He'll learn.
165_366 06-12-12

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Now on to catching up with Reverb Broads posts!

June 10
What was your hardest parenting or partner moment?

Oh lordy.  This is subject to change with the next doozy the kids throw at me cause it has changed several times over the years.

There have been struggles to get enough sleep, dealing with really sick babies (Adam was hospitalized once for pneumonia as a newborn and once for RSV at about 6 months old) (Carus like to keep me up for days with really high [like 105+ degree] fevers), going from one kid to two kids, moving, being a stay at home mom, school at home mom, work at home mom, trials on my patience, 2 year old or 3 year old or .... year old temper tantrums, first school bullies, crappy teachers, amazing teachers, puberty (TWICE! and continuing), birds and the bees talk (TWICE! and continuing), equality discussions (it can be hard to explain why things are not equal when they should be equal), pornography, cell phones acquiring, Facebook account having, and more and more and more and it will continue.

BUT! The hardest parenting moment - not freaking the frack out that I am making the wrong decisions and totally ruining their lives.

Hardest partner moment - every time I feel like I want to give up and not actually giving up.  Sometimes it's hard to not give up.

June 11
If you were to play hooky from work today, what would you do instead?

If I was to play hooky tomorrow (I worked today already) I would take a nap, go get a pedicure, work on my mystery quilt, read, and maybe watch a movie.  Not necessarily in that order.

My ideal hooky day though - beach for the day.  Like all day.  Up early to drive to the beach, watch the sunrise on the beach. Do some seashell searching, then some relaxing and reading on the beach while the kids play in the sand, off to get some food for lunch, back to the beach where we stay and play until evening where we BBQ some food and watch the sunset.

You know what would be fun?  Planning a hooky day with a group of friends.  Just don't make it a group of coworker friends; boss-man might get suspicious.  I'm taking applications now!

June 12
What was the best decision you ever made?

Oh my, my, my.  I'm not sure.  I've made a lot of good decisions.  I've also made a lot of bad decisions, but that's not the question so we'll just not talk about that.

If you asked Robert, he would say marrying him.

But I don't know how to answer that.

I just asked Robert:  I was right.  First thing outta his mouth was "Marrying me."   (Did you have any doubts? If yes, tsk tsk. Learn now, I am always right.)

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OH OH OH! I almost forgot!

Lookie lookie lookie!

My potato tower is sprouting - we have two so far.  Not much, but still - IT'S GROWING!  (The things that make me excited...)
06-12-12 (1)

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