08 June 2012

June 8th

161:366 - I did a recent portrait of Carus so I figured it was Adam's turn.
161_366 06-08-12

Even though he has had a few problems with turning in his school work this year, we found out today he made the honor roll.  Mostly As with a few Bs.

I got Carus's final end-of-the-year test scores for math and reading back the other day.  She is above grade level in math and at the upper limits of grade level in reading.

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June 8
What are your favorite decorative items/pieces of furniture/household features?

I love our dining table.  It's rather beat up right now, covered in scratches and stains and carvings from kids (some mine, but most not mine), but it came from my Granny and Gramps.  I remember holiday meals being held around that table at her house growing up.  I have my holiday meals around it now, and it makes me happy.

I hope this summer I will have a chance to refinish it and bring it back to its prior glory.

I also love our entry way bench.  It was a lucky find for Robert and I and fit our vision for our entry way almost perfectly.  It makes me smile every time I come in.

I have this wooden bowl/plate thing that sits on our coffee table. I found it at Target on clearance.  It holds remotes (as well as other things).  It too makes me smile every time I see it.

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