01 June 2012

June 1st

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In other news, Carus finished all of her coursework, testing, etc. today for the school year.  She is done! And done early!  She still needs to do some on her own learning stuff to be able to log attendance for state requirements, but she is still done done done.  I'm relieved just as much as she is.

In her year with K12 we've both learned a lot. I think the biggest plus she got out of this was her self confidence being built up.  She was able to see just how brilliant she is.

She would like to go back to traditional brick and mortar school next year, and because it is a new school where we won't have to deal with poor and insensitive educators, we are going to go that route. I think. I'm still freaking out over - What if we make the wrong decision and ruin her life forever! - stuff, but I know (mostly) that it's just nerves and she will be fine.

Adam is considering K12 for his next year after some issues with him getting grounded for not turning in his work/teachers losing his turned in work.  Robert and I are both fed up with one particular teacher that takes 3 weeks (WEEKS!) to post his grades to esis (where we can view assignments and grades online) BUT YET insists that we can best help her help him get his work done by monitoring esis. BEYOND frustrating.  I just wish I had started the she must sign a note saying she received your work thing a little sooner this year.  It would have saved Adam having to redo 3 assignments (assuming he didn't lie and he did do it in the first place).

Ugh, I feel like I'm ragging on teachers. I have the most utmost respect for teachers, I really do.  The kids have had some AMAZING teachers and far more good ones than bad.  I'm just frustrated with recent experiences with not so good teachers - teachers that are preoccupied by their own college coursework (don't teach honors full time to middle schoolers and go back to school for your doctorate in the same year) or teachers that pass off their job to student teachers who try out new methods of teaching the same thing each week for 3 months (seriously, why don't you confuse the children!) and that dismiss bullying with "but she picks on him too".  Those teachers.

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Reverb broads prompt time!

June 1
With what fictional character (book, movie, TV, etc.) do you most identify?  Why?

Okay, at first I thought this one was going to be easy. I can easily feel part of a book or movie or show.  Feel that I actually know the characters, that they are my friends, but at the same time feel separate from them, and that I would just need to pick the one that I most identify with.  Then I started thinking about it and I don't really identify with them.

I feel I know them, they are friends or something, but they don't fit me exactly. Don't fit my life completely. Maybe I'm just too unique - HA!

I don't know.

Thinking of my favorite books (Outlander series - HOLLA!), movies I've seen in the past week (Letters to Juliet, Men In Black III, Bruno), or some favorite TV series currently on my docket (including, but not limited to Fringe, Bones, Doctor Who, Vampire Diaries, Big Bang Theory) and I don't see or feel myself in them - gladly for a few and unfortunately for some (I would totally run away with The Doctor).

My brain keeps coming back to the show Friends. I have no clue why because I don't feel like I identify with any of the characters - but I did/do love them. I always wish for friends like them.  Friends that close, that love each other so unconditionally and wholeheartedly.  I love all the characters, especially Phoebe.  She's my favorite, her quirkiness and acceptance for everyone. And her willingness to do and be exactly what her friends need her to do/be at any given time.

Huh.  Maybe that's why I keep going back to it, and to her. Maybe she is who I identify with, or, more truthfully, who I hope to be for my friends.  I want to be a good friend and while I know I fail often, more often than I would like, I do try.

How about you, do you identify with a fictional character?

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