04 June 2012

June 4th

156:366 - Sunday - Playing at the barn with a friend (and her horse), working Wynston.

My neighbors are awesome.  We have been incredibly lucky getting such great neighbors.  They don't throw loud parties that keep us up all night.  They respect our property.  Shoot, they even help protect it.  We were in the store shortly after moving in and I received a call from my neighbor letting me know about someone snooping around our house.  She went and ferreted out who they were for us even, the insurance people.  Not to mention, they also watch our pets and house when we vacation.

One neighbor has really become a friend. She is our dog sitter. She is awesome.  She also has a couple of horses - Wynston, a Fresian and Starlette, a Tennessee walker.  She even lets me tag along often to the barn where she boards them to help with horse related chores and occasionally to help work the horses.  I really enjoy tagging along, a lot. I don't mind mucking the stalls, and might even go as far to say I enjoy it, though I know that sounds crazy.  The sites and smells of a barn full of horses just make me happy.

Last night I got to work Wynston by myself, a feat I'm pretty proud of since I'm still learning about horses and such.  I've always loved them, and have always wanted one, but now that I'm older and not as naive, I am learning how expensive owning them can be, as well as how to actually take care of them.  One day I will own horses and when that day finally comes, thanks to G, I will know how to properly take care of those horses to keep them healthy and happy.

G and her husband are looking at moving, hopefully to a place where she can have her horses so she won't have to board them anymore.  I'm excited and happy for them, but I don't want to lose them as neighbors either.  So, I'm going to just hope and pray that they find their new home close by (don't move to Warren G!!) so I can visit often.
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June 4

What did people tease you about growing up?

A little of this, a little of that.  Probably some of the most common things about getting teased about.

The only things that really stand out in my mind:

3rd/4th grade - being one of the few kids whose parents weren't divorced (they divorced the next year)
Grade school somewhere in there - the clothes I was wearing weren't good enough...
7th grade - for thinking girls were beautiful (thought that was really stupid thing to get teased about, still do)
8th grade - being the new girl
9th grade - for getting knocked up
10th-12th - I remember being teased, but don't really recall what for...I think weight for a little bit.

None of it really bothered me.  Yeah, I would get embarrassed but I didn't really harp on the teasing and I didn't really try to change anything.  I guess that was good of me.  But don't get me wrong, it wasn't be conscious decision to not let it get to me, I was just caught up in my own little world and felt loved by who I loved.

Well, now - way to go me!

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