23 June 2012

June 22nd

Phoning it in late Friday night when I was crawling into bed and realized I hadn't gotten a shot that day.  Cell phone camera to the rescue!  I looked down and saw Yoda all curled up with his caterpillar and got a quick shot.
175_366 06-22-12

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June 22
Write a memoir of your first date.
Art and Soul

Robert and I met in high school.  My best friend was dating his best friend and we met and we'd all hang out together at school (at lunch, but sometimes while skipping a class).

Once time while all of us (the friends, including Robert and I, were hanging out in front of the school) my best friend grabbed his pager (remember those) and read his number out.  I nonchalantly wrote the number on my hand and then later that day, I paged him.  He had just gotten off work and came over to my house.  We sat on my couch and talked, and sat outside and talked under the stars, for hours and hours.

He was hooked (but of course), and the rest, my friends, is history....  

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  1. "Robert skipped classes with you?? Uggg! LOL Cute story Thanks B.V.


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