06 June 2012

June 5th

157:366 (06/04/2012)
Just a simple, quickie shot of Simba
157_366 06-04-12

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June 5
Come up with a new Constitutional Amendment.
Art and Soul 

Um, nope. Not going to do this one. I will not get political up in here, it is a hot topic and I get chewed out for what I believe.

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158:366 (06/05/2012)

Garden progress!

Top, left to right: Potato tower (idea found via Pinterest at this link) and my pea tee-pees (found via Pinterest and inspired by this link).  After showing Robert the potato towers he insisted on making a frame for it since he didn't feel just wire alone would be sturdy enough.  It does make it much more sturdy and I'm very excited to see how many potatoes we get out of it (please, let there be a lot!).  We planted golden Yukon.

When putting in the pea tee-pees, while cutting the notches at the top of the wooden poles for the string to lay across, Robert nearly cut his finger off.  The saw jumped from the wood to his finger and he got a good stroke in.  It bled profusely and while he thought he felt it hit the bone he still refused to let me clean and bandage it, let alone take him to the hospital for stitches (which he only needed maybe MAYBE one stitch for it anyways).  He did let me get him a clean rag to wrap around it to stop the bleeding.  After awhile, I finally stopped pestering him to come inside for cleaning and bandaging and he finally stopped playing in the dirt and went inside and cleaned it up.  I still wanted to take him for a stitch (and it wasn't long enough for more than one if that, just deep) but he wasn't having any of that.  I then went on to have dreams that night of his finger becoming infected and having to be amputated.  This happened Saturday, it's now Wednesday and the cut looks great.  The neosporin and band-aids are working just fine.

Yes, I occasionally over-react, why do you ask?

Bottom, left to right:  Garden fence now and just coming up garlic.  Robert shortened it about 6 inches and cut down the posts.  We just need toppers for the posts and then to decide if we are painting or leaving au naturale (leaning towards natural). The garlic I planted from cloves that had sprouted on my counter from store bought garlic I apparently wasn't using fast enough.
158_366 06-05-12

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  1. I thought the same thing when I read that prompt. I got up on a soapbox but only for a minute. I know this is supposed to be a challenge, but I didn't think that the questions would be so potentially polarizing. Bravo for not doing this one!


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