13 June 2012

June 13th

166:366 - Just a lovely spring afternoon lazing around in the yard and sun reading.  What am I reading?  Why, I finished The Curse of the Blue Tattoo, book 2 of the Bloody Jack series. A series recommended by my grandma (shout out to gramma - WOO!) that I'm enjoying quite a bit.
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June 13
What was your favorite childhood stuffed animal or toy? Do you still have it? Okay, admit it, do you still sleep with it sometimes?

I do have a few stuffed animals from my childhood.  They were passed down to the kids, and are sitting in Carus's room.  If they make it through future toy purges I'll probably pass them on to grand kids.

None of them really really stand out - probably because at a time when I should have been playing with toys I was taking care of my baby brothers.  I do remember having a Rainbow Brite, My Little Ponies (I've always loved horses) and some Barbies.

Instead of a particular stuffed animal, Adam attached himself to a burp rag.  It was his beebee and he carried them everywhere.  Thankfully, there were many so it was easy to keep them clean and him happy.

Carus always had a "baby" in her hands. It varied from actual baby dolls to stuffed animals and back.  She had her favorites.  She had a stuffed kitten toy, that was one of my baby brothers actually, that she named Ming-Na when she was about 3.  She loved that kitty.  I still have it - it will be her babies first toy.

They've both outgrown babies and beebees and soon will outgrow all their other childish toys. *sigh* So is the way of babies growing up.

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  1. My favorite doll i had growing up was "Pebbles Flintstone" I was really sick when i was 4 yrs old. I had her with me everywhere i went,she gave lots of comfort when things got crazy in my life. years went by and i didnt know what had happened to her.Then on my 50th B day I got another Pebbles doll from my kids, Today she sits on my dresser, I know this sounds odd for someone my age to still like something from her childhood so much.Thanks to my kids. B.V.


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