23 June 2012

June 23rd

Becca 7 days, 1
Becca 7days 1 176_366 06-23-12

I cheated on this one, the timer went off before I was ready - and Robert was all "ooh, look a button" and started clicking away while I walked back to set up again.  I liked this one well enough and so voila!

I was weeding my garden and other garden-y things.  It's beeing doing really well this year and I'm glad for it.

Carus 7days 1  06-23-12

Carus is participating this round.

Carus set up this shot with the self-timer while she was in her room reading this evening.  (Harry Potter and the Goblet of Fire on my Kindle) It did not look blurry on the camera... not sure what happened there.  She is now in bed and not interested in taking another so "C'est la vie" we'll try to get a non-blurry tomorrow.

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June 23
What habit have you acquired that you wish you hadn't?


I started smoking young, like really young. Before it was legal for me to do so young. Stupid for that reason alone, but more stupid because I have asthma and always have.

I'm not positive, but I think the reason I started was so I would have control over something.

But I wish I hadn't started - or quit earlier.  I quit when pregnant with both of my kids, easily too, unfortunately starting back up afterwards.  But quitting just for me took forever.

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