21 June 2012

June 20th

I saw this on Pinterest the other day and couldn't stop laughing.

"Draw eyebrows on your pet and laugh all day."


So I tried it myself with some white chalk on Leia.  She let me and Carus give her a nice unibrow - but unfortunately it didn't show up on the camera too well.  It just looks like her coat is extra shiny... It was still amusing in person.  We also gave Timmy one eyebrow before he decided the pets he was getting wasn't worth the indignity he was enduring.
173_366 06-20-12

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June 20
Forget the iPhone and iPad.  What invention would make your life better?

Forget the iPhone and iPad - sure thing! No problem!  We're anti-Apple products around here so there is no problem ignoring those things.

SO! The invention that would make my life better.  Cloning.  Like in the movies cloning, not like Dolly the sheep cloning.  I need someone to work while I play and sleep in and yada yada yada.  I would be fair to my clone and would work while she plays too.  I just need more time in the day.

Oh! What about a time turner like what Hermoine had?  Though that sounds a little exhausting.

A time machine would be awesome too, for obvious reasons.

But the thing that could actually possibly someday be truly invented - though probably not in my lifetime, are from a TV show.

Replicators and Holodecks (a la Star Trek) have both been on my I-can't-wait-until-they-invent-that! list forEVER!  Especially Holodecks.  The replicators would make everything so much easier - especially the whole making dinner thing.  The Holodeck is for fun.  I could vacation anywhere anytime.

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