24 June 2012

June 24th

Today's 7days was a theme day.  The theme was landscape.  We did a landscape of the kitchen today while Carus and I baked. She made Nutella cookies from a recipe I found on Pinterest.  She added peanut butter M&Ms to them. They were very good. I made Roasted Cherry Brownies, also from a recipe I found on Pinterest. They are good, but very very rich.

Carus snuck in shot before our together picture.
06-24-12 Carus 7days 2

177_366 06-24-12 Becca 7days 2

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June 24
List parts of your body or your self that make you feel like "you."
List Your Self

I have always liked my eyes/eye color.  A green that gets lighter or darker depending on what I'm wearing.

I really like the color of my out of a bottle red hair.

My curves. (He-ey)


My kids.



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